Five reasons to give a personalised gift

We all know that the act of buying presents is a feat only for the brave. The shopping trip can end with you empty-handed, or carting around a gift that you’re unsure the receiver will actually like. So, it’s time to ditch traditional notions of gift buying, and try for something your loved one will truly treasure.

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It shows you thought of them

There’s only so many bath sets, gift cards and candles one can receive before it becomes monotonous. Plus, it takes very little effort to pop down to the supermarket and pick out something generic. Personalising anything from teddy bears to lap trays will show that you considered them as an individual.

Personalised gifts for every occasion

A great thing about personalised presents is that you’re not limited by season. While Gingerbread scented candles or slipper socks are associated with Christmas, or chocolate is for Valentine’s Day, personalised gifts are adaptable. You could get a bauble with their name on it for Christmas, or a personalised chopping board, mug, whatever you want.

They’re perfect if their name is unusual

Finding a gift with Sam, Amy or Emily on is a walk in the park. But if you know a Hattie, Aoife, Quinn or Rhian, things become more complicated. For a child who never sees their name on anything in the shops, getting a gift personalised with their name can mean the world.

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Building your connections

Buying a gift that means a lot to someone can have a powerful effect on your relationship. Whether it’s an acquaintance or a family member you may not see that much of, showing this level of consideration could bring you closer together.

It helps out smaller artists

In a world saturated with products vying for the top sales, it’s incredibly difficult to get your foot in the door as an artist. Buying a personalised gift like can be a great help to an artist on Etsy or other similar sites. There are even places like that specialise in giving small-time artists a leg up.

We celebrate Christmas, Easter, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and dozens of other occasions in between. Why get something that will only be used once, or something totally forgettable? Make it memorable. Get it personalised.


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