Finding the Right Addiction Treatment Facility

When it comes to seeking treatment for your alcohol or drug addiction, choosing the facility that is a best match to your personality, lifestyle and needs is the most pivotal choice you will make during the process. Overcoming addiction is an overwhelming challenge; if you select the right facility that aligns with your goals and provides both a comfortable and a supportive environment, you will be much more likely to succeed. Holistic healing centers offer the most gentle approach to overcoming addiction. Most holistic centers take a natural approach to treatment. From eating organic food to relaxing with spa-like treatments and taking classes on spiritual health, a holistic treatment center offers a very unique type of recovery.

One example of a spa-like healing center is the renowned Pinnacle Recovery. They treat addictions, the behavioral addictions and the underlying causes and environmental factors that contribute to your disease. Located in Utah, Pinnacle is set in the heart of the mountains and offers a luxurious and peaceful setting to recover. From inpatient and outpatient services to AA programs and alternatives, family and experiential therapies, co-dependency treatment and sober-living options, a peaceful and serene treatment center like Pinnacle will treat every aspect of your addiction with compassion and care.

While holistic healing centers are considerably more expensive than the alternatives, you have a lot more freedom and amenities available. There are a lot of drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics that have a very stiff and rigid approach. From the time you must wake up to your daily contribution to the group environment, more traditional treatment centers have a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. Many people thrive in these types of centers; their lives have been out of control for so long that they crave the discipline and rigid schedules. People craving this type of environment for healing often have no clue how to maintain a schedule and set limits for themselves; they have spent so much time wandering the streets or coming and going as they please without finite responsibilities.

Studies have shown that clinics offering a compassionate, nurturing and gentle curriculum and setting have a higher rate of success than traditional recovery centers. This is why so many luxurious facilities have opened their doors in recent years. In order to heal the addiction, you have to heal the mind, body and spirit from the inside out. A person in recovery has spent so long neglecting and abusing themselves. In a holistic healing center, people learn to love themselves again. They partake in on-site activities and social events that teach them how to engage with people again. They rediscover their talents through art, drama and music classes. They learn to quiet the mind by taking yoga classes and learning meditation during treatment.

Most holistic treatment centers are located in breathtaking scenic settings. From mountaintop views to the ocean waves, the scenic views provide a relaxing ambiance even on the toughest days in treatment. Holistic centers are designed with light, open and airy feelings. There are lots of windows, immaculately-maintained grounds with lush gardens and many outdoor courts and sports activities. The interior design is also very cozy and upscale. Most holistic centers pick a central theme or color palette, and they design their living quarters and rooms with that overall cozy theme and atmosphere.

If you are looking for a Utah rehab center with a luxurious setting, there are quite a few that offer spa-like amenities and breathtaking views. If you have young children or close family members who would benefit from seeking counseling and services pertinent to your addiction, many of the holistic healing centers accommodate family members. They also have a comprehensive curriculum to help them understand your addiction, and they teach them how to cope with setbacks outside of the clinical setting.

Holistic centers will offer a plethora of places you can go for quiet time. From libraries to chaise lounge chairs by the fire and wrought-iron benches in the outside garden, you will always be able to find a quiet spot to clear your mind, meditate, think and do some journaling. You can start your day with a hot stone massage from a licensed on-site massage therapist. Then, you can enjoy a walk around the campus gardens. After a big, balanced breakfast, you will sit down with your counselor to discuss your progress, address concerns and discover more about yourself. This is just a sample morning at a holistic healing center. You owe it to yourself and your family to seek holistic healing.

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