Finding the perfect photographer for your wedding

wedding photographer

Your wedding will be a very special and memorable day. The events of this day will be remembered and treasured for generations. Make use of these 6 tips to find the perfect for your wedding photographs and enjoy your big day for many years photographer.

wedding photographer
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Define the logistics of your wedding

That’s right, before moving forward with plans for your wedding (either find the wedding dress, looking photographer or choose florist) the first step is to define the basic logistics of your wedding. Have already decided what kind of wedding will be, when it will celebrate, in what place or places, and what degree of formality will. With these determined elements will be easier to support you in a professional who can really meet your needs based on the type of wedding you celebrate, the place where celebrate and of course your budget.

wedding photographer
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Set the budget for your wedding photography

For photography and video of your wedding is usually intended believes that a 10% to 15% of the total budget for the wedding.

It is very important to take this into consideration and clearly, define what budget to hire the service numbers them ideal for your wedding photography. By having a clear idea of the photographic budget will be provided choose a photo service that meets your expectations both creative and economic.

Define your photographic needs

This goes very hand in hand with the logistics of your big day. Consider the following aspects of your wedding and whether or not they want photographic services for each event:

wedding photographer
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  • Photos of compromise
  • Studio photo of the couple before or after the wedding
  • Wedding rehearsal and dinner
  • The arrangement of the bride’s wedding day
  • The arrangement of the groom’s wedding day
  • Ceremony
  • Family and group portrait
  • Cocktail
  • Reception
  • Pictures to give away to family and guests
  • Post Reception
  • Extreme photo session with the wedding dress.

Now consider if you want one wedding album. Will you albums to your parents and the parents of your partner, an online album, or additional prints of various sizes?

Finally, consider whether you want videography your wedding, what kind of videography, and many events for the big day.

wedding photography
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Defines the style of photography you want for your wedding

What kind of picture you want to see in your wedding album? Craving something classic and elegant as it would be the traditional portrait photography? Or do you prefer a more spontaneous style as it is documentary photography? How about a mix of both styles? In fact, there are more cut and fabric where besides choosing between these three predominant styles of photography some brides opt to choose a particular style to match the style and theme of the day (urban, very natural, retro type, etc.); it all depends on taste and vision you have for your wedding.

Note: A good idea to help you define the style that strikes you is leafing through magazines both wedding photography as well as websites specializing in images such as flicker, Picasa, or shutter stock. If you see something you like to cut, save, or “mark” picture. Do not just think in terms of wedding photos also think in terms of colors, how you feel that picture in particular. Board your own compendium of images that appeal to you and so you can clearly show photographers  the type of images you want for your album and compare your work to see if it has the elements that you like them.

wedding photography
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Ask for recommendations with friends, family, and service providers

Having recommendations and examples of work received by people close to you will be a good start for finding the right photographer for your wedding. Do you have friends / as, family members who have recently hired a photographer for an event? Ask them for references, your honest opinion, and appreciation. This information will help you create a general idea of the costs and services on average are taking and if you’re lucky, might find you’re perfect for your wedding among the recommendations you receive photographer.

Remember: Service providers with which you are already working can share with you valuable information about the photographers who know and work ethic. Not more ask the officiate you getting married, the salon where you celebrate the reception, and even serving food and beverages on the photographers who they know and recommend.

Investigate on your own

Although the recommendations you receive are valuable it is important that you also you give a sought on your own. This will serve for several reasons. First, to investigate on your own will have a comparison on price, style, and services that are being offered in the market. Maybe you find a better option in terms of price or style that best fits what you want to see in your wedding album.

Visit websites of photographers in the area where you’re getting married. There are several lists that can be of service as is the Association of Documentary Wedding Photography, the International, or Wedding Photo USA. This will help you create your list of prospect photographers and will facilitate the perfect choice for your wedding photographer. As you go creating your list of photographer’s prospect sure to register the name, website, and contact details.

Interviewing with photographers that caught your attention

At this stage of the process and have in mind a few photographers. No matter how long your prospect list photographers will first make a few phone calls (or e-mail). Call (e-mails) can be brief because what you want is to know if they have your date available and the approximate cost of the service you want. The answer to these questions surely your list is cut a little.

Then, make an appointment to interview you with photographers who have your date available and are within the range of budget you have prepared for your wedding photo service preference. It is flexible, if a photographer you love your work but may be a not assume more expensive than you planned a wee bit, you cannot hire you, take advantage of the interview to see if you have other prices or you can accommodate your needs. For more visit

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