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Teeth are important not only for eating and chewing but also for your self-esteem. They also stop your face from falling in, literally. Unfortunately, there may come a time when you need false ones. Whilst you don’t have to have a full set, many use the existing teeth to “anchor” themselves these prosthetics are a vital for one’s wellbeing. Let’s look at some old examples. At least there’s nothing like that suggest now. Welsh teeth need care just like anywhere else in the UK but if you find yourself googling Cosmetic dentist Cardiff for example it’s nice to know there are caring professionals out there that can accommodate you like at https://www.cathedraldentalclinic.com/.

Whilst it’s unlikely that you would want a full set. Our ancestors sometimes didn’t get the choice and they rarely bothered to clean them or just used teeth until the ultimately wore out. As they had virtually no access to sugar, in Europe at least, tooth decay was more likely caused by the leaving of food remains in the mouth or the quality of bread that was being made contain small stones and grit that would contribute to the wearing down of teeth. The discovery of Fluoride was many centuries away. However, the ancients did attempt to create replacement teeth when the natural ones, fell, got knocked or were pulled because they hurt so much, out.

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In pre-Roman age Italy the first dentures appear, have a look here. These were animal or decent human teeth, that could be purchased from willing and unwilling donors or the recently deceased and were bound together with gold. Naturally you would have had to have been quite rich to own a pair.  The Roman Civilisation copied these designs through its existence then things tend to go a bit quiet on the dentistry front. It is the Japanese who prove to be the pioneers from the 1600’s onwards. They used beeswax moulds to make an impression of the teeth and the gums that were left. With incredible skill, carved out wooden versions of the teeth would fit the mouth as accurately as possible. Over time these designs began to incorporate more harder substances such as porcelain, ivory and standard animal horn or even real human teeth. In Europe the practice of using porcelain became the norm and gold. A trip to the dentist back then was a pricey one.

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One of the most famous users of false teeth was the US President George Washington. He began to lose his teeth at an early age and soon needed a full set by the time he became President. It’s a popular myth that he had wooden ones made. In fact, he used ivory ones meticulously carved from Elephant tusk and Hippopotamuses tooth. As with the pre-Roman way, gold was used to hold the whole thing together. He moved on to have one which was reportedly made from the teeth of slaves. His teeth caused him issues all his life and he even took opium-based laudanum to ease the pain. Don’t let yours get like that.

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