Edmonton 10 activities for small budgets

small budgets

Let’s be honest: whether you are single, a couple or have children, everyone wants more for their money. As a rule, this means cutting into your entertainment budget. Fortunately, there are several outlet options in Edmonton that will not drain your wallet. We found 10 economic activities that will amuse you.

small budgets
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Alberta Art Gallery

The vast Art Gallery Of Alberta has more than 6,000 art collections spread over three floors. Are you dying to admire the superb exhibitions of abstract works realized by the greatest artists in the world without paying the entry price? Luck smiles at you! Indeed, visitors can enter free the last Tuesday of the month between 6 am and 9 pm. This is proof that access to culture does not have to cost you a penny!

Oil Kings at Rogers Place

Everyone knows that going to see a match Edmonton Oilers will cost you an arm and a leg. Is there another option? Yes! Buy tickets to see a hockey game in Edmonton Oil Kings, the team of the Western Hockey League. You can admire the prowess of future NHL stars at Rogers Place for a mere $ 20 to $ 30 ticket. It’s an incredible deal when you know that the price of a ticket for the Oilers can climb up to $ 350. In addition, you can encourage a local team that has more victories in its name!

Pasta frenzy at Chianti Cafe

A must restaurant Chianti is located in the historic building of the post office in Old Strathcona. It is particularly popular with families who flock there on Mondays and Tuesdays, while prices of more than 30 pasta dishes fall to $ 9.99. Whether you choose spaghetti Napoletana or fusilli al Pacifico, you can enjoy mouth-watering dishes without spending too much.

Tuesday theater

You do not want to attend the premiere of a play in the midst of a huge crowd? No problem! You can see the same room on Tuesday, while some theater companies such as Theatre Network, the Northern Light Theatre, and Teatro La Quindicina offer an entry price on a voluntary donation basis. Nothing like to appreciate a piece in a more intimate context and, above all, without the stage fright often associated with a first.

The Edmonton Eskimos Family Package

Join the fervor of Canadian football by attending a match of your favorite local team at Commonwealth Stadium. The Eskimos ensure that families can watch professional football by offering “Family Huddle” package. The tickets cost only $ 27.50 (the entry price for a playoff game is $ 29.50).

Po’Boys at DaDeO

Fans of Cajun cooking are regulars of this retro restaurant on Whyte Avenue. Indeed, they swear by the offer of $ 12 sandwiches that takes place every Monday and Tuesday, saving you 20% on your bill. Choose from a dozen options available, such as Cajun Black Chicken, Philadelphia Cheesesteak or a vegetarian dish. All dishes are served with bread and cabbage salad, plus a choice of sweet potato fries, jambalaya rice or fried potatoes.

Family film outing

Going to the movies these days is not always affordable, not to mention the fact that you may be disappointed by the chosen film. Fortunately, there is a way to look at a classic of the 7th art in a family at a lower cost. Indeed, the Metro Cinema Society (formerly Garneau Theatre) presents classics from Annie to Toy Story every Saturday morning. Your family will be able to (re) view cult movies in a historic movie theater.

Enjoy free festivals

Your budget no longer has to stop you from participating in the pleasure that the city of festivals has to offer you. Indeed, several festivals are free and fun. For example, in the fall, try the Kaleido Family Arts Festival and January, participate in the Deep Freeze Festival. Both events are held at Carrot Coffee House on the Avenue of the Arts. The summer festivals include The Works Art & Design Festival at Sir Winston Churchill Square during which you can enjoy a range of free artistic performances. Do not forget the Edmonton International Street Performers Festival and the Edmonton International Jazz Festival in full swing in June. Then, in August, enjoy the outdoor entertainment at the Fringe Theatre Festival.

Pizza at Branches

You will definitely find cheaper pizzas in the big chain restaurants, but why deprive yourself of a top quality pizza at a good price? The restaurant Branches Fresh Food Experience, located in Sherwood Park, uses only fresh ingredients and, in addition, you can buy two pizzas for $ 25 Tuesday. Choose from wood-baked pizzas such as Pomodoro Secchi, beetroot pesto and goat cheese, mushrooms and ricotta, Italiana or ribs and blue cheese.

Enjoy the River Valley landscape

Finally, enjoy the fresh air and admire the natural beauty of the River Valley landscape. You will feel like in the countryside browsing this gigantic urban park (the largest in Canada). There are 160 kilometers of hiking and biking trails in addition to 20 ideal parks for picnics, barbecues, and meetings. And that’s not all! The park also includes golf courses and facilities for skating and skiing. These 7,400 acres of land along the North Saskatchewan River, which stretches for nearly 50 kilometers, give you the opportunity to have fun all day long without spending too much.

In a city of nearly one million people, there is no lack of affordable entertainment. Whether you follow our suggestions or find others, chances are that you will get what you pay for.

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