Do You Have a Rodent Problem in Your Home? Top Signs to Watch For

While most homeowners welcome guests and encourage them to stop by any time, once in a while you can end up with some very unwelcome guests. Yes, we are talking about pests, more specifically of the rodent variety. These can show up in your home at any time and they can often be quite hard to get rid of. If you suspect you may have these types of visitors in your home, here are some signs you can watch for.

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You See Burrowing Entrances

Take a look around your home inside and out and look for small burrowing entrances. They typically are two to four inches in diameter, but can be bigger if you have a larger problem. Chances are you won’t see them coming and going, but the entrances are a clear giveaway.

Night Time Sounds

The most common thing that homeowners report is unusual sounds at night time. This tends to happen from about 9:30pm until 1am. These sounds are typically heard in the walls and attic of the home. If you have a pet, you may find they act strange during these hours and sniff the walls.

A Nasty Smell

Rodents are known to cause an unpleasant stale type of smell in the walls/attic. If you notice a particular spot in your home has this rather foul odor, there is a chance you have an infestation going on.

Animal Droppings

This one is a no-brainer and a clear sign that you’ve got unwanted guests. Older droppings will appear gray and dried out, whereas fresh droppings are moist looking and very dark. Droppings tend to be found under sinks, in cupboards and drawers, near food packages, and along what is known as “rodent runways” which is their path.

Have the Pros Take a Look

Each of the signs mentioned above can act as a pretty clear warning sign that you have a rodent problem, it’s never a good idea to just assume. Instead it’s wise to call in the professionals, such as what you would find at Bug Guys Pest Control. They can check your home for signs of pest infestation, and then rid your home of the problem. This takes all the work off your shoulders, and then you know it’s done properly, with the right tools, and you don’t have to dispose of anything.

Don’t Ignore the Problem

Getting rid of rodents is a pretty big undertaking, so it’s not surprising that many people would rather just ignore it all together. The problem with ignoring it is that a rodent problem will only continue to get bigger and bigger the longer you leave it, until eventually your house is pretty much over run with them.

Rodents are known for carrying all kinds of diseases, plus there is the fact they can chew on electrical wiring which can then cause a fire hazard. This is why it’s best to catch things in the early stages.

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