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accessories wedding

For us, it is essential to have good accessories to complement our costumes and more as important in our lives as our wedding day. You probably already have your wedding dress, but you already have the details that will make you look spectacular?

accessories wedding
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So that nothing is left out of the list, we give you all the recommendations you should keep in mind when buying supplements and accessories for your wedding dress.

accessories wedding
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We do not know a single woman who does not enchant shoes in your closet and not have a small collection of these essential items.

Choosing shoes for your wedding is a task that must enjoy from start to finish. The first thing to consider is the type of wedding you have and environmental conditions, such as whether it will be a country wedding, it is best to use square wheels so that you have more stability on the grass.

When you go shopping wear stockings and remember that probably walk your feet will be swollen and this may affect your choice. So better check catalogs and carries a clear idea of what you want and not have to walk too.

accessories wedding
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Headdress or veil

For the most traditional are the veils and headdresses brides risky? But that’s only in theory, because you can use as you see fit, so if we suggest is that you know your wedding dress well and you try this accessory when you have set, so you can see if you combine or the contrary is recharged, do not forget that the dress is the protagonist.

Gloves and coat

These accessories are not always necessary, in fact in some cases reach embarrass the bride, and however in cold climates are indispensable to enjoy the wedding. As always, the recommendation is that perfectly fit the wedding dress and do not overshadow, because they are only an accessory and not the main garment.

As for the material, do not forget to bring a sample dress fabric material to coat and gloves not quite match.

accessories wedding
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Bridal bouquet or bouquet

Usually, natural flowers are used, but are not always the best option and there are several materials you can use. For example, paper flowers, jewelry, precious stones and even balloons. When buying a bouquet, the most important thing is to choose the size according to the shape of your body, so you will not see lost in the middle of a large bouquet, or a very small one for your figure.


Check that you have ready, engagement ring (if you have), the wedding bands (not buy at the last minute), your earrings, bracelet (avoid using one if wearing gloves) and collar.

Buy them all at the same time, try to make the game or combine with each other and of course your wedding dress.


It is very important to look good on the outside, but the end is much more important to agape your husband in the wedding night with your underwear. Ideally, in the final round of the wedding dress take the underwear you plan to use, to know how well you see, so you avoid that you are dialing or noticed. We give some extra tips for you to choose the perfect lingerie for your wedding.

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League bride

It is an important accessory because usually, the guests will see when bachelor delivers the win. Therefore it is very important to be nice to make it a pleasant memory for the next to be married.


Not all brides need them and depend on the type of dress that you’ll use in addition to the climate in which you celebrate your wedding.

It is best to use garter belt pantyhose type so you do not carve in the waist and are a nice touch for a sexy wedding night.


Only they used to bring some volume to the skirt of your dress, usually in type Line A and Ball Gown.

Ask the designer consulting shop to advise you on this issue so that you do not look bigger than necessary and your skirt look with just the right volume.


Use it only if it is necessary, we do not like to recommend it as they are somewhat uncomfortable, take away movement and freshness. It is best to choose your wedding dress to hide those parts of your body do not want to be noticed and highlight those you. For more ideas click here

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