Do I really need a blog to maximise organic rankings?

There is no doubt that content is king and providing fresh, relevant information on your site can do wonders for attracting new audiences. Does this mean that having a blog is a pre-requisite, and can it maximise organic rankings?

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Why have a blog?

A blog is beneficial for a number of reasons. It provides an added element to your content marketing strategies and is a good way to publish information regularly to your website. You can also showcase your expertise and knowledge in your blogs, cementing your brand credibility and widening your audience reach.

Crucially, from an SEO point of view, having a blog puts you on the right track to improving your search rankings. By posting relevant content frequently and incorporating it with target keywords, you are fulfilling the search engine criteria that helps push your brand name higher up the listings.

Expand your keywords

There is another valid reason to have a blog and help send your rankings soaring. With your static website content, you are generally limited by the number and type of keywords you can use; by adding a blog to your site, this changes things. By creating new content, you will inevitably be expanding your keyword set.

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You can incorporate keywords that relate directly to your brand or indirectly within your blog content to widen your reach. Choosing the right keywords is always important; if you are not sure which ones should be included in your blog, seek advice from an SEO expert such as that offers SEO in Dublin and elsewhere.

Widen your content

You can maximise organic rankings by having a blog and using it to widen the type of content you provide. In addition to focusing on obvious topics that relate to your brand, you might also want to include information that indirectly connects to your offering or that you think would fit well with your target group. By widening your content offering, you will attract new audiences and gain a competitive edge over your rivals.

You can also shape your blog content to focus on topics that your audiences might be interested in before they have even thought about purchasing your products. This content can stimulate an interest or desire to buy from you without using overt sales tactics.

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