Buy to keep tailors and dressed clothes


Buy in duplicate

Often buyers will buy two pairs of pants to coordinate with a new jacket but only wear one pair keeping the other side for when the first pair’s knees will be worn.

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  • Instead, put the two pairs of pants in your rotation and they will wear evenly with the jacket.

Buy by focusing on fit and comfort

  • Do you buy a new jacket? When figuring out how it fits you, try different positions in the fitting room, such as trying to grab the seatbelt, lean to grab a pencil that has fallen, and a sitting position at the keyboard. The lining of a larger jacket will survive these points of tension.
  • You take the size of pants you need and you head to the dressing room. But they are too tight at the waist. Take another pair of the same size. Sometimes the waistlines can vary as much as an inch.
  • Suppose the pants go well at the waist, what about the length? When you try a new pair of pants, if it creases upwards, it means it is too short in the crotch area. If it crumbles horizontally across your abdomen, it is then too tight.

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How to Buy Tailors

Tailors of good quality can be expensive at the outset, but they will serve you better in the long run. They do better, drape better, and keep their shape better.


  • When you select a fabric for the purchase of a new tailor, the wool will give you the best value. A full wool tailor should last about six years.
  • A mixture of wool lasts only four years and a synthetic fabric, less than four years; Moreover, it does not look as beautiful as a woolen tailor.
  • Wrap the fabric of a costume you are considering buying. It should resume its shape and not wrinkle when you touch it.

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  • Think about the tailor’s style. While three- and four-button jackets are very popular for men’s clothing, the classic look has only two buttons on the front of the jacket. This style will never disappear.
  • You also have to think about the pants. The label pants are considered more formal, as are the trousers with pleats in front. Pants without cuffs and those with a flat front are considered informal.
  • They should rest on your waist, not on your hips. Also, they must end near the top of your shoes.

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  • Determine the fit. The shoulders of the jacket should not be too square or too sad. Make sure you can see your shirt collar over the collar of the jacket.
  • The sleeve of your shirt should protrude about one centimeter (1/2 inch) from the sleeve of the jacket.

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For women

Be more conservative when buying a tailor. A simple black, blue or beige suit can be dressed or worn casually, or used with other pieces to create different looks.

Buy the tailors a little wider. If you are between two sizes, buy a larger size. A larger garment will look better than a tighter one.

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