Bras to suit your body – and how to care for them

When it comes to bras, it is definitely not a case of one-size-fits-all. As anyone who has ever worn a badly-fitting or poor-quality bra knows, the wrong bra is not only uncomfortable but can also be downright painful and make you look far from your best. The right bra depends partly on your breast size and build and partly on the shape and position of your breasts.

What type of bra best suits your shape and size?

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Balcony bra

These bras suit lots of shapes and sizes. They can provide lift to those who want it and can be padded to add extra size to smaller breasts; however, they might not provide a dramatic-enough effect for all tastes. They are a good all-rounder, but particularly suit larger breasts that do not sag much.

Moulded bra

These are perfect for smaller breasts and those whose breasts are uneven. The moulded cup gives the appearance of symmetrical, shapely breasts, making this bra ideal for anyone who feels self-conscious about their appearance in tight or closely fitted tops due to having uneven breasts.

Full-cup bras

These are great for large breasts and anyone who feels they want a lot of coverage. Bras such as the white Prima Donna Deauville bra are pretty yet modest and are great for everyday or special occasion wear. The white Prima Donna Deauville bra is perfect under white or light-coloured clothes.

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Looking after your bras

The Huffington Post recommends hand washing your bras whenever possible to keep them in shape and to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. This will also help bras such as the white Prima Donna Deauville bra to retain their whiteness.

While many of us simply fling our bras in the wash basket with the rest of our clothes, hand washing can help bras to last longer. Another tip is to buy a bra that is comfortable on the loosest clasp so that you can move down a clasp or two as it eventually begins to lose its elasticity. If you buy a bra that you need to wear on the tightest clasp as soon as you purchase it, you probably won’t be able to wear it for as long, as it will eventually become too loose for you.

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