Bexley Shoes: Bahama, The Moccasin Of The Summer


Chic and relaxing: male moccasins play on all tables. Chicer than the espadrille, less stuffy than the leather rich, the Moccasin driver Bahama by Bexley is a summer shoe of the most pleasant.

Moccasins in summer? Not my cup of tea

Until now, in summer, my fetish shoes were systematically canvas sneakers. Often branded Faguo. Comfortable, casual, in a good spirit sportswear: everything I love! For the seaside trips, the espadrilles also had a say, while the flip-flops accompanied me – and always accompany me – on the sand at the beach.

However, the good habits being made to be changed, I decided to do the crazy and try an extraordinary adventure this summer: to wear moccasins. Of course, I do not mention the leather moccasins too rigid and “too retro” for my taste, but of light and colorful moccasins.

ShoesThe Bahama, symbol of the Bexley revival

At this little game, the brand Bobbies offers a collection quite attractive. However, for several years, it is a brand that had the good taste to renew itself in depth and now offers relaxing shoes just as attractive. I want to talk about the Bexley brand. If you read us regularly, you know that we think much of this Lyon sign, especially because of its very good value for money.

For this summer 2017 and my first tourist steps in moccasins, a pair immediately caught my eye: the Bahama. Available in velvet gray and green or blue petroleum and yellow, I preferred the Association marine and vermilion. This last shade is found on the seams of the shoe and especially on the pins of the gum sole.

For the rest, the style of this Bahama pair remains classic with water-repellent velvet on the top, a cowhide leather lining, all sewn by hand.

ShoesWith what clothes to wear these shoes?

There is no shortage of solutions to incorporate these shoes into an outfit: they blend well with white jeans or a red chino or denim shorts. A khaki bottom should also allow you to avoid any flaw of taste.

At the top, the white tee shirt remains the solution of ease, but for those who are afraid of the blue-white-red tricolor aspect, a polo shirt or a light blue shirt can be of the most beautiful effect.

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In addition, is it comfortable?

If there is nothing wrong with the style – we like this form of shoes or not – I had some doubts in terms of comfort. Well, that was before we had them. For a fraction of a second was enough to give me the impression that I had slipped my pets (without socks!) Into slippers and not leather moccasins.

Soft and light, these Bahama are a joy to wear. Even when it is hot. In addition, if you are afraid of sweating options, I remind you that a little talc in the shoe can help you solve your problem.

ShoesMy opinion on the Bexley Bahama moccasins

In the end, I cannot really blame the Bexley moccasins: for 89 dollars (with the second pair at 69 $), they do the job a lot and can accompany you throughout the summer.

In addition, their relatively timeless style will even allow them to be still fashionable in the years to come.

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