Betting On Basketball: Types Of Bets And Useful Tips

Basketball, after football, is the most practiced sport and followed. Every day, in America and Europe, the events on the parquet offer a great show to the fans. However, if the betting system on football is easy and intuitive, the one relating to basketball requires specific skills.

Betting on basketball is therefore not a trivial matter, but we have thought of some useful specification if you are a beginner. Here is a guide designed to help you in the fabulous world of betting on the wedges.

Events and basketball leagues on which to bet

Ever since the market has opened its schedules to basketball, the amount of events on which to bet is really high. It goes from the NBA to the national championships like the Serie A, the Basketball-Bundesliga, the Liga ACB, the TBL and many others. Not to mention the international cups like the Euroleague, the Champions League, the Eurocup, and the national cups, also covered by the best bookmakers.

This vastness of meetings, as you may have guessed, generates great variability in betting.

The first advice is to carefully evaluate each match, analyzing the performance of teams through appropriate statistics, and detecting any defections or turnover caused by close commitments: knowing the background of a meeting is the first step for a winning bet. Once this is done, go hunting for the best odds on the market to increase your profits.

Where to bet on basketball

We browsed a bit offers from the most renowned betting operators and we have compiled of the top bookmakers to bet on basketball. If you are passionate about this sport, you may want to take advantage of the welcome bonuses offered by the operators, who offer a prize to new players in the betting section (and not only).

You should check out William Hill’s mobile betting app here, as they offer one of the largest and most popular sports betting schedules.

Types of possible bets on basketball

The biggest difference between football and basketball in betting concerns the types of events taken into consideration. It ranges from the classic outcome of the race (winning a match, 1 × 2, handicap), to the number of points (under / over), up to the margin (margin of victory, a margin of waste).

Calculation of the number of points: over/under, odd / even

It is also possible to make predictions on the number of points made in a single event (regardless of the outcome of the match) based on the values established by the bookmakers. In this case, the types of bets are two.

Over / Under

You have to predict if the sum of points scored by the teams will exceed or not a default value. Ex. NY Knicks-OKC Thunder 105-118, over 210.5: the bet is winning because the sum of the team scores is higher than the value of 210.5 points.

Even odd

You have to predict if the sum of points scored by the teams will be an even or odd number. For both bets, reference is made to points scored in regular time excluding any over-time.

The margins in basketball betting

Another interesting aspect concerns the margins, that is the intervals of points that separate the teams at the end of a game. In this regard, there is talk of a margin of victory or margin of difference.

Margin of victory

In this case, you have to predict both the winner of the match and the margin of points between the teams. Usually, with the “A” you indicate the home team while with the “B” the host team and to follow the range of discard. Margins are predefined in these bands: 1-5; 6-10; 11-15; 16-20; 21-25; 26+.

It is a difficult but highly profitable bet.

Margin of waste

In this case, you have to predict only the interval of points between the teams, without indicating the winner. The margins are the same, the interval 1-5 corresponds to the X of the 1-X-2 Basket bet.

Suggestions and final considerations

As you will have seen, the types of bets on basketball are numerous and concern every aspect of the game. It’s up to you to find the most appropriate prediction for each meeting, keeping in mind that statistics can be an invaluable help. We invite you to compare the odds between the various bookmakers to choose the most advantageous, and to check the limit of validity of the bet (if it only covers four quarters or includes any over time) provided by each platform.

We hope this guide can help you. Challenge your fate with intelligence and have fun to bet on the wedged ball.

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