Banff beauty: 6 stunning hikes near Calgary


Calgary prides itself on having a number of excellent hikes, easily affordable in a day for hikers, regardless of their experience. From a walk along emerald-colored rivers to a trek to the top of a sublime peak, here are some of the best elements has to offer.

Where to buy your equipment

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Heart Creek Trailhikes

The elevation of the popular Heart Creek Trail is minimal and it is an easy walk that leads to a small waterfall at the end of a canyon. This hike is perfect for beginner hikers or trail runners who want to train for tougher races. Heart Creek also joins the slightly more challenging Heart Mountain trail, which boasts equally magnificent scenery.

Tip: The Heart Creek Trail is a very popular hike. If you want to enjoy the solitude in nature, go there on a weekday.

  • Distance Trail: 2.8 to 3 kilometers
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Duration: 2 hours

Chester Lakehikes

Located in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Kananaskis, the Chester Lake Trail offers breathtaking scenery that is perfect for photography. The trail takes you through fields, with views of sharp peaks, to the lake bearing the name of the trail. There are connections with other trails that challenge the enthusiastic hikers.

  • Tip: The trail is closed from May 1 to June 29.
  • Distance Trail: 4.6 kilometers (one-way)
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Duration: Two hours (four-hour round trip)

Lakes Grassihikes

The one great attraction of hiking Grassi Lakes are the two small blue-green lakes at the end of the trail. To get there, you have the choice between an easy trail or another, a little more difficult. The easiest trail is a beaten path that runs through a dense forest with a slight slope, while the more challenging trail is a gradual rise in the forest leading to a waterfall, with a view of Canmore. For adventurous mountaineers, the cliffs that surround the area offer an excellent climbing opportunity.

Tip: Trails are quite easy, including the hardest option. For experienced hikers, there is an ascent above the upper lakes leading to a canyon.

  • Distance trail: 4 km
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Duration: Two hours

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Summit Ha Linghikes

The view at the end of the Ha Ling trail is worth the effort required to get there. The hike is a steady climb through the forest, with magnificent views at the top. Once at the top, you will have a breathtaking view of Canmore on one side, and Spray Lakes on the other. Make sure you bring your camera.

Tip: The trail is an upward slope in its entirety. Bring enough snacks and water to get the energy you need to climb to the top.

  • Distance trail: 7.5 km (round trip)
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Duration: 4 hours

Johnston Canyonhikes

Canada’s 150th Anniversary Discovery Card allows you to explore all the hiking trails in Banff National Park, including Johnston Canyon. The trail is busy but sublime and perfect for beginner and intermediate hikers. Start with an easy walk down to the lower waterfall, with a slight climb leading to the top waterfall. From here, you can continue on a more difficult path leading to the Ink Pots – green water pools that are a nice place to dine.

  • Tip: Bring dinner and enjoy the Ink Pots.
  • Trail distance: 5 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate
  • Duration: Three hours

Lake Agnes Tea Househikes

This scenic hike to Banff offers various itineraries leading to the end of the trail. Along the way, the Lake Agnes Trail offers views of Mirror Lake, and you can take a bite at Lake Agnes Tea House. The trail continues beyond the Big Beehive Trail, which is just as beautiful and well maintained.

Tip: Bring your wallet and camera. Admiring the scenery while enjoying a snack at the Tea House is relaxing and revitalizing.

  • Distance from the trail: 11 kilometers (round trip)
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Duration: Four hours

Beautiful trails for all levels of skill are a short distance from Calgary. Do not forget to bring water, snacks, and equipment, and celebrate the beauty of Alberta’s landscapes by spending a day.

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