An Overview of Anxiety Disorders


Anxiety disorders are something more than occasional fear and worry. A person with anxiety disorder experiences its symptoms almost every day which get even worse over the time. These symptoms can also disturb your daily life tasks such as school work, job, relationship, etc.

Anxiety disorders can be categorized into many different types such as generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobia and so forth.

Sometimes, anxiety disorders can be worsen or imitated by some medical conditions like low blood sugar or overactive thyroid. For that reason, having a complete mental and physical evaluation is important to find out if your anxiety disorder co-exist with other similar conditions, for instance, obsessive compulsive disorder and depression.

Once identified, anxiety disorders should be treated with the most appropriate treatment options. The process of evaluation and final diagnosis begins with finding the right primary care provider.

Signs and Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of anxiety disorders vary from type to type.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

In GAD, patients experience excessive worry or anxiety for a longer period of time, and have many other symptoms associated with anxiety including:

  • Feeling restlessness or on edge
  • Getting fatigue without any exertion
  • Tensed muscles
  • Difficulty in concentration or having blank mind
  • Irritability
  • Sleep problems such as Insomnia
  • Inability to control the worry

Panic Disorder

Panic disorder has a range of symptoms associated to it. For example, individuals with this disorder type experience frequent panic attacks that are unexpected and sudden. Such attacks involve intense fear, heart palpitations, increased heart rate, shaking or trembling, shortness of breath, sweatiness, etc.

Other symptoms of panic disorder include:

  • Sudden and repeated attacks of intense fear
  • Intense worry or fear of having another attack.
  • Avoiding places where the patient has already experienced similar attacks in the past. 

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder or social phobia has an obvious fear of socializing, speaking or performing among the public. This disorder causes the individuals to have different negative feelings such as rejection, embarrassment, fearfulness, and so forth.

Other symptoms of social anxiety disorder include:

  • Feeling very anxious about socializing or having difficulty in talking to them.
  • Having fear or worries for an event filled with other people.
  • Avoid public places
  • Difficulty in making new friends or even maintaining the existing relationships
  • Sweating, trembling or blushing when being around other people.
  • Feeling woozy in presence of other people.


Psychotherapy and medications are the most common ways to treat anxiety disorders. In some cases, the combination of both the aforesaid treatment options can be used to help the individual deal with his/her anxiety symptoms.


Also known as talk therapy, this way of treatment addresses the specific anxieties and needs of the person. However, psychotherapy can cause the individual to have temporary discomfort when thinking about tackling feared situations.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is a kind of psychotherapy that helps individuals learn positive ways of behaving, thinking as well as reacting to situations that are likely to stimulate fear and anxiety symptoms.  The sessions of CBT can be carried out for an individual patient or with a group of individuals with similar problems.


Medications are meant to relieve your anxiety symptoms, and can be only used with the prescription of your doctor. Medicines that are used for anxiety disorders include anti-depressant and anti-anxiety pills.

Sometimes, medicines are prescribed as the initial treatment of the mental disorder. Also, they are given only if there’s no satisfactory response to psychotherapy. A number of medications that have established a positive impact on people with anxiety disorders include Etizolam and propranolol.

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