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Wedding Style

Pondering style wedding, each pair of the spouses wants to stand out and be remembered. Young people in the world today are mostly trying to avoid accepted and well-established tradition in terms of weddings and celebrations. Do you want to stand out? Then perform a wedding in retro style! This stylization of the wedding will make it possible not only to plunge into the turbulent ’80s, but also to understand the world of primitive man, or to visit the prince’s triumph. All depends entirely on the willingness and determination of the young. We decided to offer you some options for the wedding in retro style.

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Primitive times

Perhaps a wedding in the style of primitive people will cause a storm of emotions, like newlyweds and their guests have. Agree, rarely seen the wedding in animal skins and with clubs in their hands! Of course, for such primitive marriage must have a serious determination and a sense of humor.

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Primitive wedding

Wedding dress newlyweds will not require significant costs, as it would be in the classic celebration. You will need loincloths and elegant skins. It is worth noting that in this way would be rather strange to the registrar. Here you have two choices: changing clothes after the painting or decoration of exit registrar. Guests also need to get primitive outfits.

Weddings can be organized in the sauna or swimming pool. For more styling is best to choose a place where there will be a grotto with waterfalls. This wedding will take you to the best sources of human origin and certainly will long remain in the memory of everyone present.

Wedding style
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Antique times

Antiquity each person is associated with the bright colors. Therefore, wedding portal Svadebka.ws notes that this should be followed when choosing the wedding costumes and the design of the wedding. The ideal option would be draped garment made of soft flowing fabrics.

Wedding in antique style can take on different scenarios. For example, you can convert its guests in the athletes for the Olympic Games. You can also consider the option of gladiatorial celebrations, or spend a reception visiting Caesar’s, and can and do give preference to the scenario of the divine triumph.

The antique wedding will allow every guest feel the particle of past times, will give a sense of heroism and desire for adventure. It is important to ensure that games and competitions conform to a given wedding theme.

Wedding Style
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Ancient Egypt

No one will argue that Cleopatra is considered one of the most attractive women ages and peoples. Why would you not be at least for one night this magnificent queen? A bride for the evening turned into an all-powerful Tutankhamen. Unusual and memorable celebration you will be provided.

To create an image pod yes chug suitable headgear, ask the stylist to do your wedding makeup “cat’s eyes”. It is also important to have luxurious tunics, which are richly decorated with stones and gold, do not forget to buy massive gilded decorations. Well, the last finishing touch will be a fan of ostrich feathers.

The holiday program can be included dancers (be sure on the subject!), Order a fire show which surely enchant everyone present at your celebration, and if possible also use a camel!

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The era of the middle Ages

Do you want to become your favorite your knight, and you – his ladylove? Then the wedding in the style of the middle Ages your option. For male guests leave unforgettable impressions held joust. Also, every guest can take an active part in the creation of the coat of arms, which in the future will belong exclusively to the young family.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of costumes. And it’s not just the young, but also the guests. So be warned in advance of the wedding style, so that guests were not dressed “off topic.” In principle, choose a wedding dress for the bride is not easy, may have difficulty in finding knight’s suit for the groom. Here you have to turn to the organizers and participants of jousting.

Medieval wedding

For the medieval wedding, where possible, is to pick the lock or a restaurant in an appropriate style. The ideal option would be to conduct duels leased the racetrack. Speaking at a wedding cannot do without horses.

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