9 tips to paint like a pro


You have one or more pieces to paint or repaint? Here are nine tips for painting that will help you do quality work.

  1. Choose the right pain

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There are three types of paintings to the various features you need to consider:

  • The water paints (acrylics) are washable and dry quickly. They take on all media, but are less resistant than oil paintings.
  • The oil paints (oil based) are durable, resistant and opaque. However, they have strong odors, pollute and dry slowly. They are to avoid if sensitive people likely to inhale the fresh paint.
  • Alkyd paints dry quickly, do not emit odors and are very opaque.
  1. Choose the right finish

There are also three different finishes:

  • Matt paints are used to hide imperfections, but are not washable. So use them mainly for ceilings.
  • Gloss paints enlarge the rooms, but they do not forgive any imperfections and require several layers.
  • The gloss paints are versatile and suitable for all spaces.
  1. Plan the right amount of paint

    9 tips
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  • To provide the right amount of paint, it is obviously necessary to measure the room.
  • Next, introduce the professional dimensions in your paint retailer: it is best placed to give you the best advice for painting.
  1. Empty the room

It is best to work in an empty room.

  • If you must leave the furniture, put them together in the middle of the room and cover them to protect them.
  • Also cover the floors and remove all tables, wall sockets and hardware products.
  • Prepare well support
  • Before repainting the walls and ceilings, seal cracks and remove the peeling paint, then sand the surface to paint and clean it well.
  • Use tape to mark surfaces to be painted and those that are not painted.
  1. Use the right equipment

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  • Opt for flat brushes for baseboards and moldings for round brushes.
  • Use synthetic bristles for water paint and hair silk or wool for the oil painting.
  • Use a short nap roller for gloss paints and a short nap roller for satin or matt paints.
  1. Apply an undercoat

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The stage of the undercoat (primer) is often overlooked, but it allows better paint adhesion and prevents you from having to multiply the layers of paint.

  1. Pour paint into a single container

If you need more than a pot of paint in the same color, pour it all in the same container to avoid ending up with different shades of color.

  1. Fill up on tips for painting!

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Finally, for all the questions you might ask yourself; contact the paint specialist at your dealer: he will certainly guide you in the realization of this project high in color!

You now know how to paint like a pro. However, for a spotless project, take your painting to a professional! For more tips visit http://quiotl.com/.

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