9 ideas whose technologies could change the world for the better


At this very moment, there are dozens of inventors and entrepreneurs shaping countless ideas that are little known to the general public, with apparently very simple technology, but with great potential to generate a positive impact on our world.
In the market, there is a compilation of some of these new products are about to see the light, but for now, it is difficult to know if come to work and find the desired profitability. These would be 9 of the little-known technologies with the potential to transform the world to better or at least improve some of the population’s problems.

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1. Chewing gum that corrects teeth

Almost 4 million people in the world suffer from untreated oral diseases such as tooth decay and gingivitis.

The company Sweet Bites, has created a chewing gum with xylitol reinforced to clean teeth and prevent disease. And they are not only making a breakthrough in oral health, but their creators are also hoping to boost women’s entrepreneurship and economic development in the poorest communities.

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2. A mouth guard that can detect the concussions of the brain.

Detection of a concussion is complicated, and unknowingly, many athletes can suffer permanent brain damage if not detected early.
The company Mamori, which in Japanese means “protect” is a mouthguard with built -in sensors that can send alerts to the players and coaches when a collision is intense enough to cause a concussion.

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3. Portable hand sanitizer with Internet connection

One in four hospital patients in the United States become sick just by being in the hospital, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Disease Prevention. Despite the fact that handwashing reduces these cases by as much as 40 percent, there are few systems to ensure that hospital workers are constantly washed.
A new tool SwipeSense aims to revolutionize hand sanitizers, making them portable and connected to the network. Hospitals can control the use of their staff through an application and ensure that many fewer people contract preventable diseases within hospitals. Undoubtedly, a good idea for times of influenza A, and more recently, the Ebola.

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4. Smokeless solar cooker for developing countries.

Cooking in the developing world often requires large amounts of expensive fuel and creates harmful smoke as a by-product.
The Infinity Bakery and other similar solar ovens are intended to reduce disease and save energy by offering affordable fueled by communities in developing solar kitchen.

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5. An economical portable water filtration device.

Nearly 1 billion people lack access to clean and safe water.
Portapure is a water filtration device five gallons, which can take dirty water from a lake or stream and convert it into clean drinking water without purification tablets or electricity.

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6. Water pipes that monitor their own leaks.

 Only in the United States are lost between 12.5 and 92 million in drinking water due to leaking pipes, according to a 2005 study by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Smart Pipe is a technology that is still developing and would use nanosensors to control leakage in public water systems, making more efficient use of water.

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7. A way to scan the nutritional content of food.

Although packaged foods are labeled with proper nutritional information, we often have no idea what’s in the food we eat while eating.
SCIO is a pocket spectrometer. The device would measure the calorie and chemical content of foods so that anyone can scan any food or drink and know exactly what is in it. This business idea has already raised $ 2 million through the Crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.

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8. A shower that reuses its own water.

In showers, a huge amount of water is wasted and require a lot of energy.
The shower OrbSys promises to reduce water use by 90 percent and energy usage by more than 80%.This shower recycles the water that is being used by pumping through a filter in a closed circuit system, so we are not only saving water, but the new clean water that comes out needs to be minimally reheated. If this idea thrives on a large scale, water consumption could fall dramatically all over the world.

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9. Packing of mushrooms

Plastic containers and materials are made from petroleum, and as a rule are not biodegradable, causing a series of environmental and health consequences.
A new company called Ecovative has the solution for use wasteful and destructive to the environment in relation to plastics in packaging, insulation, and cars: materials made from agricultural byproducts and mushrooms. “There is a great future in plastics,” reads the iconic quote from the 1967 film “The Graduate.” Now, the future is for mushrooms if this idea thrives.

Undoubtedly, all are very innovative and interesting ideas.

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