8 simple ways to enjoy the outdoors

enjoy the outdoors

Here are 8 ways to get everyone out this summer for fun next time outdoors than friends or family come to visit.

 enjoy the outdoors
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  1. Organize a game of croquet

Besides being a great theme for a party with neighbors or family, croquet is beneficial to health.

  • You will do some weight training swinging your mallet while going back and forth in your home will burn some calories.
  • You will also enjoy some good laughs and learn the latest news.
  1. Organize a hunt for apples

Before guests arrive at your barbecue, buy two dozen different varieties of apples. Walk through your home and find ingenious places to hide fruit.

 enjoy the outdoors
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  • When the guests arrive, give each a shopping bag and send them to hunt for apples.
  • Ask them to put their treasures on a picnic table where will be prepared a container of water to rinse the apples, a knife and a cutting board to cut and share.
  1. Keep a badminton kit handy.

    enjoy the outdoors
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For a casual game, badminton is great when visiting friends or family, or just to get the kids outside!

  • It requires little expertise and keeps physically active all the world.
  • At a party or during a visit, it helps draw attention away from the food.
  • Other games easy to keep in the garage include throwing horseshoes, hoops, and balls.
  1. Encourage your family to eat outside

Equip your patio or balcony furniture resistant to weathering, protection against rain and, if possible, a grill.

  • These basic elements will encourage you to spend time outdoors, where you can feast on fresh and healthy meals as seasonal salads and grilled fish, chicken and lean meats.
  1. Take daily

Out for even a few minutes, a day can reduce the risk of depression.

  • This can also help you lose weight, small outdoor activities like gardening and washing the car burning about six times more calories than watching TV.
  • In summer, a few minutes in the sun during the months when the sun is high in the sky helps the body make vitamin D.
  • The deficiency of this vitamin predisposes individuals to obesity and increased insulin resistance.
  1. Play with the hoop.

    enjoy the outdoors
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If you’re old enough, you may remember the game of hoop and the fun you had to continue the rolling circle, typing occasionally with a wooden stick. For children today, this game is a dazzling curiosity.

  • Buy a hoop game in a toy store or search for one online.
  • Hang it in your shed and Unsheathe it when your children or grandchildren begin to move toward their video games.
  1. Install a bird feeder

Bird watching is incredibly relaxing and a manager is ideal to attract them to your yard.

  • Consult a guide to know what kinds of birds you are likely to attract and buy a bird feeder and seeds that suit their preferences.
  1. Add a basin for birds

Birds also need water to drink and bathe, so why not add a basin to birds in your garden to encourage your winged visitors to spend more time there.

  • Add four or five pieces of copper in the water to prevent the formation of algae so you have to change the water less often.

    enjoy the outdoors
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You can joke that these activities are outdated but it will no longer count when everyone is out to have fun! Visit http://what-it-is.com/ for more tips and ideas.

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