7 tips to stay active during the holidays

during the holidays

Too often we return from vacation with a few centimeters in size than before we left. However, this is not a fatality. Often, active holidays are the most relaxing. Hard to believe, right? It should only define what an active holiday.

 during the holidays
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1. Make physical activity in the morning

When we take a vacation, many of us simply want to relax. Thus we spend long lazy days on a sun lounger, and every night to socialize and drink by eating desserts loaded with calories.

  • Think of exercise first thing in the morning. The weather will probably be more friendly, more your energy levels and your schedule less busy later in the day.

     during the holidays
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2. Rediscover the sunsets and sunrises

A walk at dawn or dusk is the very definition of revitalization.

  • Try to do this ritual to life a daily habit out of the house, and you will ensure revitalize you physically and spiritually.

     during the holidays
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3. Go bathe as long as you can

Do not spend all your time sitting in front of the water.

  • Whether in the ocean, pool or lake lined with trees, make sure you enter the water to swim, have fun or just to walk.
  • Stand with water at waist level is in itself an excellent drive through the action of water.

     during the holidays
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4. Go on the water as much as you can

The pedal boats are great fun. Canoeing is a joy. Line ships are romantic. exhilarating motor boats. The serene sailboat. Kayaking adventure pure! Even stand on a steamboat bar can be exciting.

  • The boats will help you feel young, and you are at the helm or not, being on a boat burns calories and solicits your muscles more than being on land.

     during the holidays
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5. Go for a cruise

It’s amazing how one can be active while being confined in a boat in the middle of the ocean.

  • Most cruise ships offer many options to practice exercise when the sea.
  • Many have swimming pools, golf simulators, climbing walls, training centers, race tracks and walking and fitness classes led by an instructor – and that’s just what you can on board.
  • For maritime and land excursions you can burn calories by snorkeling, hiking, scuba diving or horseback riding.

6. Get out of the car every 2 hours

Many of us spend much of their holiday on the road, whether to go back or destination, or use the car to visit the area.

But no matter how the landscape is beautiful, the memorable trips do not come from a car seat.

  • Do not wait exhaustion or the call of nature to stop.
  • frequently get out and stretch, walk, picnic, do some window shopping, visit places and have fun.
  • This is important for your health and energy, and this makes them much more interesting trips.

7. Make games that solicit you physically

When most people think of outdoor games, they think team sports such as hockey, baseball or soccer, all of which can be a little intimidating or exhausting for adults who have stopped playing these he sports long ago.

  • Opt instead for quieter games, such as badminton, table tennis and petanque. Your goal: to play a game every day when you’re on vacation.

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