7 tips to eating healthy when you’re traveling

eating healthy

When we talk about healthy eating we cannot forget that drinks also count. Instead of drinks with alcohol or soft drinks try to opt for water. When you want to lead a healthy life, traveling can be a concern rather than a reason to distract you and have a good time.

This is because we are accustomed to traveling is synonymous with junk food, both on the road and on a plane trip.

Maybe you think that because you want to have a healthy diet you probably will not enjoy the trip, you will be limited to the moment of eating or you will break the diet and that would delay your goal.

However, this does not have to be this way and there are actually some tricks to eating healthy when you are traveling.

You do not have to sacrifice anything. Remember that the secret of healthy eating is balanced and not total elimination of food.

eating healthy1. Pack your own snacks

The first trick to eating healthy when you’re traveling is to prepare some snacks that will keep you from falling into the temptation to eat what you should not. This is essential since when traveling we always have to wait.

At the moment it is in those that you can end up eating some sandwich that should not, like a French fry, chocolates, and candy, among others.

Remember that the key to a healthy life is balance and organization. It would be good that when storing these foods, you do it in small packages easy to transport and with full portions.

2. Eat frequently and in small quantities

The second of the tips to eat healthy when you are traveling is to eat small amounts of food throughout the day.

This sends signals to your brain that the food supply is plentiful, so you burn the calories quickly. Just make sure you limit the number of calories you eat in a single session.

Remember that these foods should be small, like an apple or homemade granola bar.

As for the frequency, you can choose to have three large meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and then eat a snack every couple of hours.

This way you will feel satiated all the time and you will avoid the unhealthy cravings.eating healthy

3. Water is your best friend to eat healthy when you are traveling Seawater

The body needs water for practically all its functions. Drinking lots of water cleanse your body of toxins, keeps skin fresh and helps you eat less.

Believe it or not, many of the cravings you experience on the road can be met with a refreshing glass of water.

If you are going to take a flight, make sure you take a good amount of water before boarding the plane to keep you hydrated.

When passing with the cart offering drinks, it is better to choose mineral water or sparkling water rather than soft drinks, alcohol or juices.

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4. Moderate your consumption of alcohol

We know that it is difficult to avoid alcohol on holidays, especially if you are staying in a hotel with an impressive bar.

In fact, we also do not tell you to avoid it absolutely, but you must decide between having a glass or two of alcohol or eating what you want.

If you decide to drink alcohol remember to do it without excesses.

The ideal is that every 3 drinks take a good glass of water to avoid dehydration and hangover.

In addition, try to select healthier drinks like red wine, beer or vodka and stay away from mixed sugary drinks.

eating healthy

5. Take advantage of supermarkets and food markets

In a foreign country, this can be an interesting cultural experience.

No matter where you are, buying food at a local store is a great way to save calories and money and gives you more control over serving size than a restaurant.

In these places, you can know what it is that the local people of the city or country in which you are. This trick is great for sightseeing while you manage to eat healthy when you’re traveling.

6. Accommodation with kitchen

If you stay in a hotel for a few days, look for one with a kitchen. You can call ahead to request a microwave and refrigerator or take advantage of the hostels.

This gives total control over the preparation of food so that you can eat healthy when you are traveling. For people with very strict dietary requirements, this may be a perfect choice.

In case you do not cook, concentrate on eating those foods that are already part of your daily diet and do not require great preparations such as:eating healthy

7. Eat a smart day to day

Eating healthy when you are traveling does not imply that you should not try the local cuisine or that you cannot leave the diet aside for a moment.

Our recommendation is that foods that are too sweet or high in carbohydrates leave them for one meal a day. This way, you will avoid that feeling that you are completely limiting yourself.

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