7 Steps to Clean the Interior of Your Car


You spend a lot of time in your car, do not you? It is, therefore, normal that the dirt accumulates there. Here is a systematic guide to cleaning the interior of your entire car in a simple and economical way.

Car1. Gather the necessary equipment and equipment

To thoroughly clean the interior of your car, you will need the following equipment:

  • A vacuum cleaner with hose and accessories.
  • An extension cord (in case the cable of your vacuum cleaner is not long enough).
  • A garden hose for plastic floor mats.
  • Paper towels or lint-free cloths.
  • A glass cleaner without ammonia.
  • A cleaner and protector for vinyl or leather.

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2. Empty your car

  • Empty your vehicle of all your garbage, recyclables and unnecessary items.
  • Then take everything you want to keep in your car and put them aside so you can clean all surfaces.
  • Take out all your floor mats.

Car3. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum on the floor under the seats (slide them as far forward as possible to vacuum all debris), around the pedals, all the trim, the rear windscreen and the dashboard.

  • Make sure to vacuum between the cracks and the slots using your vacuum cleaner accessories.
  • Vacuum the floor mats. If they are dirty, water them with a garden hose and let them dry.

For a more thorough cleaning

  • If you want to clean your carpets and trimmings thoroughly, buy or rent a carpet cleaner.
  • It will get rid of all the dirt that has settled deep into the fibers of your carpets and your seats.
  • It sprays the carpet with a solution and then sucks out all the dirt and grime.

4. Clean leather and vinyl surfaces

Spray the vinyl or leather cleaner over a paper towel or cloth and wipe all vinyl or leather surfaces.

  • Start at the top and finish at the bottom.
  • When the cloth is dirty, take a clean one.
  • If you have leather seats, you have a stake in buying a leather cleaning set.
  • Polish leather or vinyl surfaces with a soft, clean cloth.

Car5. Clean plastic and glass

Spray some window cleaner on a cloth and clean your windows, dashboard and other plastic parts.

  • When you clean your windows, lower them so you can clean the top edges.
  • Polish your windows with crumpled papers until all traces have disappeared.

6. Clean up the small details

  • Wrap a cloth around an old screwdriver, spray it with an all-purpose cleaner, then gently move it along the finishing lines of your car to pick up dust and dirt.
  • Also, move it to all buttons and controls.

Car7. Replace everything and spray

  • Replace everything (dry floor mats and objects) inside your car.
  • Spray a deodorizing product to get rid of all its foul odors.

Even while doing all you can, you cannot prevent dirt and grime from accumulating inside your car. The key is to thoroughly clean the inside of your car to keep it spotless.

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