6 tips for hosting a great business event

Ready to enjoy your next event and sail through it without stress? Our guide will help you to prepare in the best possible way.

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Have your goals in place

Make sure you know what the purpose of the event is, before you begin to organise it. Is the purpose of the event to launch a product, to get local media to attend for an announcement, to capture client data for a sales campaign or to create brand awareness? By knowing your goal and objectives, it is far easier to then plan the format of the event you need to organise in order to achieve it.

Know what the event scope is

Are you planning a full-scale catered day conference with speakers, a lavish evening reception with glitz and glamour, or a small workshop with digital delivery in a hotel. If you are new to events, start small and learn as you go. A simple one-hour session with in-house speakers in your offices may well achieve a number of your goals without stress, cost or difficulty.

Get help

For help planning a business event that is truly professional, you might want to engage the services of a professional agency, such as http://davisevents.ie. The right provider can deliver excellent results for larger events in particular, providing a healthy ROI and removing internal pressure.

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Get the timing and team right

Work out dates carefully away, avoiding key dates such as big holidays or competing existing fixtures. Remember that your attendees may need plenty of time to book the event into their calendar too, so be organised well in advance.

Think carefully

Make sure you consider every element of the event thoroughly in advance, so that you can identify any potential issues. Practice, do walkthroughs, get other people in the team to test the plan for the day and make sure you use all equipment and test-run presentations, so that any glitches can be picked up and fixed in advance.

Set the budget

Start with a clear budget before those costs spiral out of control! If you can find a sponsor for your event, this is a great way to help mitigate some of the costs. Remember, an event can only be considered a success if it comes in on budget – or the ROI simply won’t stack up.

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