6 oils to promote healthy hair growth

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To achieve the best results in our hair is essential that we search for oils of the best quality and, where possible, we opt for organic.

Have a long and abundant hair is the dream of many. The problem occurs when the hair does not grow enough or become thin, brittle and lifeless.

There are many factors that can deteriorate your hair. Among the most common are:

  • Bad diet
  • Stress
  • Poor blood supply
  • Lack of oxygenation
  • Obstruction of hair pores and capillaries

If you have undermined your economy expensive commercial treatments and have not seen results, we have good news: there is a natural way to improve hair quality with the application of oils.

6 oils that promote hair growth

Some natural oils have properties that can work wonders for your mane. Get to know these 6 oils that can improve the health of your hair.

  1. Coconut oil

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One of the most used hair oil is coconut oil . Its properties have been known since antiquity when used to clean, protect and nourish hair.

Its chemical composition nourishes the capillary cell membrane.

This allows coconut oil help prevent protein loss and replenish the natural oils that are lost in the daily exposure to toxins and frequent washings.

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  1. Olive oil

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The olive oil is another treasure that brings many benefits when used on hair.

Your hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) reduces the hair follicle, so it helps to prevent male baldness.

Also, being oil loaded with antioxidants promotes normal hair growth, free the skin from free radicals and provides nutrients to the hair follicles and scalp.

  1. Castor oil

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The castor oil is often used as a natural laxative. However, it is also very effective for treating hair loss.

  • This oil is rich in ricinoleic acid and omega-9 fatty acids.
  • Ricinoleic acid stimulates hair growth and has antifungal and antibacterial properties which protect the scalp of infections.
  • For its part, omega-9 fatty acids, thanks to their great moisturizing ability, hydrate and nourish hair leaving it thick, strong and shiny.
  1. Lavender oil

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The oil of lavender is well known for its aroma, which is used to treat stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

However, it is also a potent treatment for alopecia aerate. The properties of lavender oil to the considerable help hair growth when used regularly.

Also, this oil is a powerful antiseptic. Its disinfecting properties are used to treat conditions of the scalp and to combat fungi, microbes, and viruses.

  1. Almond oil

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The almond oil has a great capacity to protect and moisturize the hair.

Although not known for its hair to grow, it does protect and stimulate the growth of hair follicles, so that makes them stronger and less susceptible to breakage.

A hair massage with almond oil removes the accumulation of dead cells and deflates the scalp.

Likewise, almond oil is very effective for treating seborrhea dermatitis.

However, people who are allergic to nuts should be careful about their use, in case any allergic skin reaction occurs.

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  1. Rosemary oil

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The rosemary oil has excellent properties that help the growth of hair.

It helps dilate blood vessels and stimulates cell division, which activates the hair follicles for new hair born.

Its disinfectant properties help fight bacteria and other organisms that can damage both the hair and the scalp.

In addition, it is also said that this oil inhibits hair loss and the appearance of gray hair, helps eradicate dandruff and moisturizes the dry and flaky scalp.

How to use these oils to take advantage of all their properties

The way to use them is:

  • Massaging your scalp with the oil of your choice for about 10 minutes.
  • After the indicated time, wash as usual.
  • For a more intensive treatment will combine various oils and proceed in the same way.

Remember that if you are constant, you will get great results.

Not only will you get your hair to grow, but you can keep common scalp problems away and it will look spectacular!

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