5 Tips to Dress for a Winter Wedding

  1. Choice of fabric

Whether formal or casual, the ceremony will play an essential role in choosing the fabric of your dress.

  • Satin, silk, and chiffon are suitable for a solemn wedding while white lace and brocade are best suited for less formal weddings.
  • For a casual wedding, choose a heavy cotton or jersey.
  • Avoid light cotton and flax that are more suited to weddings of warmer months.

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  1. The length of the dress

When choosing the length of your dress, consider the location of the ceremony.

  • If the ceremony is scheduled in a church, your dress should not rise above the knee.
  • The dresses are elegant and can tell a lot about a wedding, but should not be confused with the evening dress. A long dress is usually made in jersey and can be worn in casual weddings but not in ceremonial ceremonies.
  • An evening dress is usually made of silk, satin or chiffon and is not usually worn during a casual ceremony.
  • Choose a short dress only if you are certain that the ambiance of the wedding will be casual and very festive.

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  1. Color palette

The first rule for the wedding guest: do not wear white and avoid more than all ivory, cream, and shell.

  • Winter colors such as burgundy, purple and dark green are excellent colors for a festive atmosphere.
  • Black is another possible option for evening weddings that you can enrich with a trendy necklace or metal accessories.
  • If the wedding is close to New Year’s Eve, the dresses adorned with sequins or sequins are ideal for creating a festive atmosphere.

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  1. The length of the sleeves

The length of the sleeves plays an essential role to protect against the weather.

  • A sleeveless or strapless dress may expose you to cold and there is no guarantee that the reception room will be heated.
  • The another possibility is a dress with half-length or three-quarter sleeves. You will often find these models with lace or mesh sleeves that bring a note of elegance and subtlety.
  • Long sleeves are particularly stylish on short dresses and this will prevent you from wearing a shawl and getting too hot.

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  1. Cover yourself

You certainly do not want to completely cover your dress with a heavy coat or jacket.

  • Combine an artificial fur bolero with a strapless dress for more elegance or add a colorful touch with a short jacket or shoulder pad.
  • Lace vests and cashmere shawls are also elegant options that will give your outfit more appearance.

It is sometimes difficult to find the right dress to wear for a wedding, especially if you have to consider the weather during a winter wedding. With these simple tips, you will look and feel good all evening.

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For a pear-shaped silhouette, it takes a dress that attracts the eye towards the shoulders, neck, and arms.

The first step towards creating a unique personal style is to understand your own silhouette. The incredible number of different dresses for women is much less intimidating once you have restricted your choices to those that are more flattering.

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