5 Tips for Photographing a Wedding


We know that there is a crisis, but that does not stop people from continuing with the ceremonies in which he has so many illusions. In spring, the seasons of weddings, baptisms, and communions begin. The photos are one of the things that cannot miss the day of the wedding, unique images that will remain in the memory forever.

Nowadays most of us have an SLR camera in our house and this popularization of photo equipment leads to more than one couple going to a friend or family member for the story of their wedding. If you have been proposed to help in the realization of these photos and you do not know where to start, we are going to give you some tips so that you can shape the best way that special day.

In addition, it is common for the couple to collect the photos of all the guests to include them in their album, even those obtained with their mobile phones, so it will not be difficult to be careful in any case. Some of the things you should be aware of for getting a good wedding picture:

1. Capture the momentWedding

First is to talk with the couple about the details and find out how and in what order the ceremony and the banquet will take place, to get an idea of what we want to translate later. Create your “mental storyboard” of all the “unmissable moments” that you must capture yes or yes. For example the descent of the bride in from the car, the first time the bridegroom sees the bride, exchange rings.

It captures those moments more special being very attentive and when you see that the opportunity presents itself fires in bursts, thus, you make sure to have more of a photo in case some does not leave as expected (eyes closed, blue, rare gestures  …). Take into account the peak moments of the ceremony: the delivery of the areas, the rings, the kiss, the departure of the bride and groom, when the bride throws the bouquet, etc. It does not matter if you take many photos, then you will have more to choose from, but make sure you have a good memory card or a spare one! It will not be too long to carry some spare battery charged; it is likely that you will end up throughout the day.

Also take into account the places where the ceremony takes place: where you should position yourself so as not to disturb (neither the bridegroom nor the other official photographer if there is …), the best angle in which you must position to have visibility, available light (He prepares a plan to cope with his indoor shortage, or if it is an exterior like a garden, beware of the harsh shadows of the midday which can be very difficult to face the guests’ faces). If you can visit them before the ceremony to get an idea of the available space and light, even better

In addition, remember: a good photo is important, but even more so that the protagonists of that day are favored.

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2. Have a suitable equipmentWedding

We are not professionals, therefore, it is not necessary to have a great equipment, but yes it is essential a reflex, no matter how good your compact camera. It is enough that the camera has a stabilizer so you do not abuse the flash indoors. The important thing is to look for natural light, better light than that none. In addition, you have a versatile lens to be able to make all kinds of photos, from panoramas with all the guests to portraits or photos of details. The ideal would be to combine a fixed luminous lens with a zoom type to obtain different types of planes. Try also with different angles (from the top of a staircase to the height of the children invited … etc.)

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3. Plasma the joyWedding

Try to reflect the spontaneity of the moment and the desire for a fun of the bride and groom. Take advantage of moments where the bride and groom are down and have fun, such as on the dance floor with friends and family. You can make fun pictures that you will surely love as a souvenir. You can also take pictures of the children playing, a good resource to make funny pictures because they do not expect it, and can bring a lot of freshness to your report.

4. Be CreativeWedding

When you want to make the photos prior to the ceremony with the family and the couple does not force them with postures and ridiculous poses in which they feel uncomfortable. Photography natural moments like when the bride prepares, smiling to her mother, hugging her father, the nervous boyfriend, laughing with friends … those situations are the ones that transmit the feelings that come out on such a special day, and that after so much like remember. You can also play with the elements around you, a mirror reflection or the furnishings of a room can be perfect for an attractive composition.

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5. Shoot RawWedding

Do not even think about taking photos in Jpeg. If you shoot Raw, you will have more leeway to recover information if you make mistakes by choosing one of the parameters of the shot, for example, a photo too dark can be clarified. Keep in mind that an important photo can improve considerably, although at the time of shooting you were not very lucky. With a bit of hassle and later editing the not very good photos can be saved.

Once you have applied these tips, chances are you have a number of memorable shots. Take the opportunity to present them in an attractive photo album that will allow the bride and groom to relive that special day and remember it forever.

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