5 Shocking Facts About Car Accidents

Car accidents aren’t racially biased or politically motivated. They don’t care about social, age, or income brackets. And they couldn’t care less about your schedule or job title. The truth is that accidents can happen to anyone at any time. While alcohol was responsible for over 75% of road-based fatalities for 16-20-year-olds in the 1970s, that number has dropped to 37% today. Yet, few are shocked that alcohol still plays a significant role in fatal car accidents. The following facts about car accidents may, however, surprise you.

Most Car Accidents Happen Close to Home

It may seem as though most accidents occur on extended trips and endless highways. But the truth is far more surprising. According to national surveys, most accidents occur within 25 miles of the driver’s home with most minor to moderate fender benders occurring within 3 to 5 miles of home. Repetition and potentially risky driving habits account for many of those situations. However, fatal accidents are more likely to occur on longer trips.

Accidents Are Among the Top Ten Causes of Death Annually

Regardless of how fit someone is or how good their diet happens to be, no one can outrun death. It’s simply part of human life. However, of the leading causes of death– cancer, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s, intentional self-harm– accidents are among the scariest. That’s in large part because they all-too-often come by complete surprise. A fatal accident is considered anything that unintentionally causes enough harm to lead to the termination of life. And unfortunately, fatal car accidents account for many of those.

Most Car Accidents Occur at Intersections

According to SafeAuto, the majority of auto accidents don’t occur in big city traffic jams, but they are more likely to occur in specific locations.

·      Parking lots are hotbeds for fender benders.

·      Rural highways are known for desolate roadways, inattention, and single car versus structure crashes.

·      Busy two-lane roads give little leeway or room for error when one car drifts over the center line.

·      Stoplights are common for rear-end collisions.

·      Intersections, especially those without regulated yield or stop signs to direct traffic flow, are accident magnets.

Over One Million People Die in Car Accidents Annually

According to global statistics, over 1.3 million people die in car accidents. That accounts for almost 3,300 fatal car accidents daily. Additionally, 20 to 50 million more victims are injured or disabled. America alone is responsible for about 40,000 of those fatalities annually and almost 2.5 million crash-related injuries or disabilities. That also costs each taxpayer an extra $820 for a total of $231 billion in annual road repairs.

Over Ten-Percent of Fatalities Are Pedestrians

According to reports from the CDC, almost 5,400 pedestrians were fatal victims of traffic accidents in 2015 alone. That averaged to about one death every ninety minutes. Pedestrians over the age of 65 accounted for 13% of injured pedestrians due to car accidents and 20% of kids under the age of 15 who were killed were also simply walking at the time. Alcohol played a part in the injuries and fatalities of almost half of all drivers and over a third of all pedestrians. But this doesn’t have to happen. Before assuming you have to live with the injustice of pain, suffering, or unbearable loss, contact a competent Michigan car accident attorney to see how justice can serve you.


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