5 Reasons Why You Should Update Your WordPress Based Website


If your business is based in the e-commerce industry, it’s important your website is online 100% of the time otherwise you’ll lose custom. Most businesses base their e-commerce store on the WordPress platform because it’s widely used and support is easy to find. However, a lot of businesses forget or refuse to update their WordPress site and later regret it because they run into problems. If you own a business website that’s solely based on the WordPress CMS it’s important you update it to the latest available version to ensure you don’t run into problems, or worse, have a website that’s not online at all.

1. Known Security Issues Will Be Fixed

The problem with not updating your WordPress site is that older versions have known security issues and are vulnerable to hackers. By updating your CMS automatically using the built-in updater you can be sure the latest security issues have been fixed so your website is safe from hackers wanting to take a piece of the pie. It’s much easier to keep your site updated because if you don’t, you may need SQL database restoration services to restore the lost data your site needs to operate properly.

2. Your Website Will Be Faster

Developers are looking for ways to increase the speed of the WordPress platform and with every update, you can be sure they have edited something somewhere along the line that has increased speed by the smallest of margins.

3. Multiple Bug Fixes

Even though WordPress powers more than 23% of websites online, it’s impossible for any CMS to be able to provide the perfect experience. WordPress developers don’t hide the fact there are bugs that pop up even though they have tested the CMS rigorously. When an update is available you will find multiple bugs have been fixed in the process, so if there was a WordPress error that was annoying you before you can be sure it’s on their list of things to solve.

4. New Features

Not only are multiple bugs fixed with every WordPress update but you’ll also find there are always new features on the horizon. Most of the time, they are only small features, but on occasion, there are bigger updates that include various new features to make the management of your business even easier.

5. Compatibility Issues Resolved

The main problem with updating to the latest WordPress version is that some plugins or themes you use may become incompatible. This isn’t a major issue though; all it means is that the developers of plugins or themes will need to update their developments to work with the latest WordPress version. This may be an issue at first, but in fact, it’s more of a benefit because it means plugins and themes are updated to work with the latest security fixes.

It’s not just the WordPress CMS that needs to be kept up-to-date either, it’s also the plugins you have installed and the theme you’re actively using. Keep your WordPress site up-to-date and you’ll find you won’t run into any problems down the line when you need your site online the most.

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