5 more mobile marketing trends to be aware of in 2017

Marketing directly to people’s mobile phones is one way of ensuring that your brand engages with its customers and personalises their experience. Here are five more ways that mobile marketing will be developing in 2017.

1: Explore Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality is the hot thing in gaming, but you won’t be reaching a huge audience via those headsets just yet. Augmented reality, however, is already taking off in some Asian markets and is likely to be a worldwide phenomenon soon. If you make your products scannable, for example, customers in your store can access reviews and extra info on their phones, or your AR app can be used to show customers what a product might look like in their home or garden. Read more about AR marketing here http://www.inc.com/anna-johansson/6-ideas-for-marketing-your-business-with-augmented-reality.html.

2: Get Rid of Pop-up Adverts

Google will start moving sites where content is not easy to see on a mobile screen further down the search rankings. One of the three main causes of content being hard to view is pop-up advertising that covers most of the screen, so marketers are going to have to either use much smaller pop-ups or get rid of them altogether.

3: More Mobile Video

Mobile video has been around for some time, but as technology gets more advanced so do the ways in which advertisers use video. People watch and share videos all the time, so a brand with a good video presence will be in a much better place than a brand with no video.

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4: Voice Search

Voice search engines like Echo (Alexa), Google search, Siri and Cortana are getting better and better. Already nearly 20% of searches are voice searches, so designers like http://www.rycomarketing.co.uk/web-design.html who do web design in Belfast will be optimising content for voice search. For example, developers can create specific content which answers questions customers are likely to ask. Brands like Starbucks are already developing voice ordering.

5: Understand Your Mobile Customers

Mobile devices don’t just send information, they gather it. New technology is making it easier to use that data in a safe, anonymised way to identify how individuals shop so you can market directly to them accordingly. Mobile is more than just one more channel – it’s actually a source of useable data about your customer base.

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