5 looks to be a fashionable man this summer


As summer unfolds, we offer you a shopping session in 5 acts for so many trends to adopt this season, gentlemen. What look will you wear this summer, men? You probably know already – in any case, as you have already said -, the fashion man makes the pride of the pink color in 2017. However, we know that this color does not please everyone.

Therefore, to allow you to find yourselves, we propose 5 different styles for the beautiful days. Are you rather stylish, athletic-chic, urban, BCBG or urban?

1. An elegant look

“Elegance is neither a coat-hanger nor a wallet issue.” It is not we who say it, but a certain Karl Lagerfeld. Either a man who knows a little about fashion.

Nothing surprising to see the creator appear in our selection, therefore. It is not surprising that you were selected the most elegant shirt, the white shirt slim fit. Accompany her with suit pants and black derbies – no need for a tie! To finalize the whole, go for a leather briefcase. Elegant, of course!

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fashionable2. An athletic-chic look

A touch of sportiness, a hint of elegance: that is it, the athletic-chic style! You will see that the sportswear pieces are not only in the gym.

For this summer 2017, you can combine a dark blue The Kooples polo shirt with white Le Coq Sportif pants. In addition, stay in the same brand for your bomber jacket. Finally, impossible to ignore sneakers. Here, we recommend Lacoste white sneakers. Chic and athletic!

fashionable3. An urban look

When one is an urban man, at ease in the jungle of the city, one can afford some fantasies (all relative). So try a little color, demonstrate your mastery of layering, in short, and demonstrate excellent stylistic expertise.

To do this, put on a burgundy bomber, which you will wear over a sweatshirt with natural hues – we had a favorite for this model Le Temps des Cerises – or … a pink polo shirt! Bottom, clear jeans will do the trick (or a chino beige or camel), especially if accompanied by a nice pair of sneakers.

fashionable4. A look BCBG

Good chic, good kind, does that speak to you? If you have everything from the ideal son-in-law, a romantic spirit, a taste for casual elegance, this selection is made for you.

The polo is an iconic piece, the shorts also. So pair the two, trusting Lacoste for polo. The crocodile brand will also allow you to find shoes at your feet … as well as sunglasses to your eyes.

fashionable5. A city look

We already see some of you saying urban and urban is the same. Certainly, this is not entirely false. However, this is not quite true either. Because, in terms of fashion, the city dweller approaches streetwear style more when the urban eye rather on the side “young dynamic”.

In summer, this last style will revolve around the inimitable mariner. Armor Lux remains, of course, THE reference brand. To accompany it, leave the jeans in favor of the clear chino beige. You can give relief to your silhouette by wearing an open shirt on your striped tee shirt.

At your feet, we turned to beautiful Paola sneakers, but a nice pair of espadrilles can also be suitable.

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