5 Birthday Gift Ideas For Someone Who Is Difficult To Shop For

Birthdays should always be celebrated with a gift, but some people are seriously hard to shop for.

Gift shopping shouldn’t be difficult but some people turn it into a treasure hunt.

We all have that one friend who has everything. Or the one who doesn’t want anything.

Are you shopping for a birthday gift but having no success?

Don’t give up just yet!

Read below for 5 birthday gift ideas for even the most difficult friends.

1. Gift certificate

Gift cards and gift certificates are perfect for even the pickiest of friends.

Does your friend shop at a certain clothing store? Is there a specific restaurant that your friend loves visiting for dinner?

Purchasing a gift certificate from a friend’s favorite location is a great gift! The best part is that a gift certificate works for all ages.

If you’re worried that a gift certificate is too impersonal, you’re in luck!

You can personalize a gift certificate to give it that unique touch.

Images, text, and all sorts of fun designs can be used to create a unique gift certificate.

Click here to turn a bland gift into one that’s memorable!

2. A streaming media subscription

We are all about watching television or listening to music when we want, where we want.

Give your friend the gift of entertainment with a streaming media subscription!

Want to pay for your friend to binge watch shows? Consider a Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Video subscription.

If your friend prefers music or television, there’s plenty of options! Spotify, Amazon Music and Pandora are all great options.

3. At-home brewing kit

Do you have a friend who is health conscious? Is said friend always willing to try the latest health trend?

If so, consider gifting an at-home kombucha brewing kit! These brewing kits are perfect for health gurus.

Kombucha is expensive, so you’ll save your friend a pretty penny with this gift!

If your friend isn’t into all that healthy stuff, an at-home beer brewing kit is another option.

At-home beer brewing kits will turn your friend into a master beer crafter!

4. A bottle of good wine and a new glass

No one can feel bad about receiving a bottle of good wine on their birthday!

Wine is an easy gift that works for any friend. You can find delicious wine that won’t break the bank!

Before purchasing, make sure you know your friend’s favorite type of wine. A red drinker will not be happy with a sweet white!

Looking to make your gift more personal?

Purchase a wine glass that fits your friend’s personality and viola! You have a great birthday gift.

5. Gourmet food basket

If your friend is a foodie, a gourmet food basket is the ideal gift! Who wouldn’t be happy receiving food for their birthday? Everyone likes to eat!

Food baskets come in a wide variety, including:

  • Fruit
  • Popcorn
  • Meat and cheese
  • Chocolates
  • Fruit and nuts

Complete this gift with a personalized happy birthday message.

There are an endless amount of birthday gifts available, even for the pickiest of friends.

Consider the five gift options below to wow your friend on his/her special day!

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