4 Ways to Improve Your Ability to Manage Your Time

There are many ways to improve how you manage your time. If this has always been an issue for you, it is time to do something about it. There is no need for you to change overnight. It is a process. The point is that you do something about your problem and make sure you don’t commit the same mistakes again.

  1. Get feedback from others

If you have trusted friends around you, make sure they always tell you what you are doing wrong in terms of how you manage your time. They see how you work. They should say straight to your face if you are lazy or you are not making the most of your time. You should also be open to suggestions on how you can improve.

  1. Think of a big project

Aside from your current job, you should have another project that you want to accomplish. Give yourself some time to finish it and see if you can manage your time well to get the results. It does not have to be perfect. You should also not feel frustrated if you can’t achieve the goal. The point is for you to see how fast you can work on the project and if your final output is accurate enough.

  1. Keep yourself busy

The problem with being lazy is that it keeps pushing you downwards. If you start procrastinating, you will soon realise that you are not accomplishing anything at all. You will keep being lazy until you have found out that you are no longer the same person you used to be. For sure, at work or even at home, you won’t be busy all the time. There are instances when you are doing nothing at all. You can take this opportunity to rest, but you should also make sure that you are busy with certain activities. This will help keep the spirit alive.

  1. Use time tracking software

To make things a lot easier, why don’t you use a time tracking app? This will track every action that you have done. You will know how long you have spent working on certain tasks. You will also see if you are becoming more productive along the way. Over time, you can analyse yourself and improve even more.

You should find one of the best time management apps that you are comfortable using and give it a try. There should be no expectations whatsoever. Just try using it and see how it can help you become a better person.

Changing yourself takes time. The point is to make the effort and stop procrastinating.

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