4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurants

With millions of businesses now selling online, it makes sense to be present and active on social media. But, the one industry that’s still very much ‘bricks and mortar’ when it comes to selling is the restaurant industry. Whilst catering and hospitality has quickly taken off online in the form of online food delivery and take-out apps, there are times when it calls to go out for a meal away from home. Because of this, many restaurants still pay a lot of attention to offline marketing methods, for example posting flyers through doors or placing posters and billboards around town. But, in a world where people check out a place online before they book a table, it’s imperative to have a social media presence. Here are some of our top social media marketing tips for restaurants.

Tip #1. Take Advantage of Images:

The popular social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, will give you the option to upload a profile and cover image, along with various posts to your profile. It’s important to take full advantage of this, especially the cover image. Whilst your profile picture should ideally be your restaurant’s logo or even a photograph of the sign outdoors, your cover photo can be used to convey the atmosphere inside, for example by posting a photo of your tastiest dishes, or even getting permission from your guests to take a photo of them enjoying their visit.

Tip #2. Upload Your Menu:

There are many reasons why a potential customer might want to check out your menu items before they decide whether to book a table. But, many restaurants today still haven’t got their menus uploaded online. Even if your menu is clear on your website, it’s a good idea to also upload it to social media. Many customers will go straight to social media to check out a new place to eat, before deciding whether it’s worth clicking through to your website. So, make sure that they can find everything that they are looking for. Find menu design templates here.

Tip #3. Engage with Your Customers:

Once you’ve created your profile on Facebook and Twitter, uploaded some great images, and made sure that your menu is easily accessible, you might think the job is done. But, it doesn’t end there – in fact, your social media journey has only just begun. To get the best results from your social network presence, you’ll need to be shouting out loud – a page with no content or follower engagement is quickly going to lose rankings and won’t spark anybody’s interest. Instead, post interesting status updates, polls, questions, photographs, articles and more to keep your followers informed and up-to-date.

Tip #4. Online Reviews:

Some social networks, for example Facebook, give brands the opportunity to switch on a review feature. Allowing your customers to leave reviews on social media is a great idea, since you will be notified straight away and can then follow up with that customer to thank them, or apologize for a bad experience.

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