4 Biggest Ceiling Fan Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Ceiling fans can provide a tremendous amount of comfort to your home. They can help keep you cool in the summer and distribute heat more evenly in the winter. This means that even places that are cool most of the year can benefit from adding ceiling fans. For example, ceiling fans UK residents by are most commonly used to lower their heating bills by pulling the warmer air down from the ceiling to reduce the amount of time the furnace needs to operate. In warmer places, the ceiling fan can be used on their own to keep rooms comfortable or used in conjunction with an air conditioner to distribute the cooled air around the house. This saves on electricity costs. You know you need ceiling fans, here are things you should look for to avoid the biggest ceiling fan buying mistakes.

  1. Short Sightedness

Once people make the decision to buy a ceiling fan, price and convenience may become the only considerations. Rather than researching the best options, the tendency can be to visit a local big box store and buy whatever is on sale. That can be a huge mistake. Having a fan that works well for you will probably impact your daily life. It is worthwhile spending a little more time and even a bit more money to find fans that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Keep in mind that fan in a clearance sale may be on clearance for a reason. If other people aren’t buying that fan, that could be a red flag.

  1. Blade Size

Check the fan specifications carefully to see the size of room the fan is meant to effectively cover. This is determined by the strength of the fan’s motor and the size of the fan’s blades. Blades that are too small relative to the size of your room can mean that only the middle of your room is effectively cooled by the fan. In addition, the size of the fan blades should look proportional to the room. Tiny blades in a big room can make the whole fixture look off. Big fan blades in a small room can make the room seem even smaller.

  1. Lighting

Most ceiling fans include a lighting fixture. Often people will focus too much on the fan portion and forget the lighting. Other people will only worry about how the lighting will work for them and ignore the practicalities of the fan’s operation.

There are several key features to consider with regards to the lighting fixture. Check to see what types of bulbs the fixture accepts. Make sure the lights will have enough wattage to properly illuminate the area. Keep in mind that the wattage and the type of bulbs used in the fixture will determine how much electricity the lights utilize. More energy-efficient lighting can result in significant costs savings to you over the life of the fixture.

If the ceiling fan is in a larger room, it may also be important that the light is dispersed around the room, rather than having one bulb in the centre pointing down, for an example. If the fixture takes several light bulbs, check to see if the individual lights can be aimed or if they are in a fixed position.

The room’s primary function should factor into the selection of the appropriate lighting fixture. A bedroom might be best for softer lighting and a dimmer option might even be desirable. A kitchen or workroom might need brighter lights that can be directed at work surfaces.

  1. Style

You may think of a fan as being above eye level and, therefore, out of sight. The truth is, ceiling fans can have a huge impact not just on the comfort of your home but also on your home’s look. It is amazing how much the wrong ceiling fan can make a room look dated while having a great fan installed will improve the look and feel of the home.

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