16 ways to start the day with a good breakfast

  1. Make Milk Shake
  • Mix 250 grams (one cup) of strawberries and a banana in a blender, add 250 grams (one cup) of crushed ice, and you’ll have a healthy lunch to take away, filled with antioxidants.
  • Mix a little yogurt and you will add a good dose of calcium that will strengthen your bones.

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  1. Buy omega-3 eggs

They are not much more expensive than ordinary eggs, but they have a much higher content of essential omega-3 fatty acids, which’s mental and heart health benefits are no longer to be proven.

  1. Sprinkle with flax seeds
  • Add them to your cereal, yogurt, shakes or eggs.
  • After the fish, flax seeds are one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Grind the seeds before adding them.

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  1. Go for peanut butter

Whether you prefer it with or without chunks, peanut butter has a low content of saturated fats and contains much better less saturated fat, which our body needs.

  1. Eat grapefruit
  • It contains a good amount of folic acid and vitamin C; It is believed that these reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Grapefruit can interact with medications that need to be treated with the liver, so consult your doctor first.

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  1. Sip green tea

In addition to protecting your heart, green tea may have some other weight loss benefits, it would seem to increase the speed at which your body burns calories and uses fat.

  1. Drink soy milk
  • Containing a lot of powerful peyote estrogens, soybeans are said to do virtually everything, from protecting your heart to strengthening your bones.
  • Make sure it is enriched with calcium to further strengthen your bones.

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  1. Take a sandwich at lunch

Garnish a whole wheat bread with low-fat mozzarella, a slice of tomato and a sliced hard-boiled egg.

  1. Become a vegetarian

Bacon, sausages, and ground vegetarian beef are good sources of protein for lunch without the saturated fat of their meat substitutes.

  1. Sprinkle with blueberries

They are packed with antioxidants that slow down the aging of the brain and protect your memory. Try mixing them in whole-wheat pancake batter.

  1. Drink orange juice

A 125 ml (2/3 cup) cup of sugar-free orange juice counts as one of your five servings of fruit per day.

  1. Eat strawberries
  • Packed with vitamin C, they have many health benefits, including protecting your eyes.
  • Like other berries, they are also rich in antioxidants, low in calories and they even have a low glycolic index so that your blood sugar remains stable.

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  1. Put kiwis in milkshakes

A British study found that every 30 g (1 ounce and a half) of these vitamin C-rich fruits that you eat per day reduce the risk of premature death by 10 percent. Simply cut off the top and empty it.

  1. Fill up with fiber at lunch
  • If you do not start your daily fiber intake with a good morning dose, you will never reach the recommended amount of 24 g per 2000 calories.
    You can get 5 g in a few mouthfuls of apple, 80 g (three ounces) of blackberries or two slices of whole rye bread.
  1. Add dark chocolate to yogurt
  • Place 30 g (1 ½-ounce) black chocolate chips in 250 g (1 cup) yogurt without fat.
  • Layout twice in calcium can actually help you lose weight; while dark chocolate, packed with antioxidants, can help you reduce the “bad” effects of LDL cholesterol, by softening your arteries.

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