16 plants and herbs to boost your health and beauty


Taking care of yourself can be simply going to a natural food store to buy herbs and know how to use them. Here is a list of 16 plants and herbs that you can use to look great and feel good.

beautyA natural approach to skin, hair and fresh fragrance

  1. An astringent herb that helps cleanse the skin and accelerates healing. Use it in house toners for skin and hair and soak it in a bath for its stimulating properties.
  2. Extra virgin olive oil is a good choice for home beauty products, but it has a characteristic odor. Choose pure olive oil, if you prefer fragrance-free.
  3. The parsley. Parsley tea is an excellent mouthwash and an anti-freckle lotion. Put it in the food processor to add to tonics, toners and skin cleansers.
  4. Drink tea with spearmint to freshen your breath. Once cooled, the tea can be used as a refreshing tonic or mixed with other ingredients to create a cleaner, a hair rinse or a foot bath.
  5. Pure and chilled, it can be used as an intensive moisturizing treatment and a facial mask particularly suitable for dry skin. It can also be used to soothe swollen eyelids and sunburn.
  6. The Rose. Use oil in home fragrances and after-bath lotions, masks, hand lotions and hair rinses. Rose water is an excellent mouthwash and a soothing and softening remedy for dry skin.
  7. With its refreshing and stimulating properties, rosemary is useful for steaming facials, after-bath lotions, and foot baths. The leaves can be used to create a useful remedy for dandruff and a wonderful tonic for hair.
  8. Use a tea of sage leaves as an antiseptic gargle and to strengthen your gums. It naturally darkens the hair and has powerful deodorant properties.
  9. The savory. The leaves are sometimes used by herbalists for their slightly astringent and antibacterial properties. The essential oil is useful in skin toners and sanitizers, especially for disturbed skin.
  10. The sesame. In the form of oil, sesame can be used in a range of nourishing skin treatments. Due to its very fine texture and lightness, it has excellent lubricating properties and is a good base oil for massages.beauty
  11. Often called salad herb, sorrel also has powerful antiseptic properties. Apply cold tea as a treatment for the disturbed or acne-prone skin.
  12. The abrotanum. Long aged as a medicinal and cosmetic plant, aurone is a soothing bath additive and stimulating hair tonic and a post-shampoo rinse.
  13. The strawberries. Slightly astringent, strawberries are a refreshing natural cosmetic product for cleansing and toning the skin. Fresh strawberries contain an acid that whitens teeth.
  14. It is believed that essential oil helps to fight various skin diseases by acting as a tonic without being irritating.
  15. Antiseptic, thyme is useful for gargling and mouthwashes. Chilled and filtered, you can use a thyme infusion to create a refreshing tonic for the skin and lightly astringent, as well as a stimulating bath additive.
  16. The witch hazel. Alcohol-free toner ideal for dry skin, witch hazel tightens the skin, has antiseptic properties and promotes blood circulation. It also contains tannins, which help to soothe and heal pimples.

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beautyThe next time you want to try new products for skin, hair or perfume, why not consider a natural approach. You will be surprised to see all that plants and herbs can do for you!

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