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Nothing is as irritating as a very slow computer, which quickly slurps empty your battery. High time to put the power consumption of your notebook tires while the performance significantly screws. These fifteen tips will help you get the most from your notebook.

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This article consists of three pages

– Power

– Power (2)

– Faster Close

– Wireless Network Adapter

– Get rid of that software

– Ready Boost

– Vista Battery Saver

– Visual effects

– Disable Startup Items

– Clean up!

– Disk Defragmenter plans

– Less noise

– Energy Report

– Notebook Hardware Control

– Notebook Hardware Control (2)


The less energy your notebook, the longer the battery lasts logically. It is, therefore, wise to check your power settings accurately. Go to Start / Control Panel / Power Options . Under select Power Schemes (Preference Schemes in Vista and Windows 7) to the schedule, economical deal with your battery or just ensures maximum performance. In XP you adjust the settings of the scheme easy to. For example, you set that turns your computer into sleep mode or standby mode when the system is idle for a certain time. The tab Advanced you indicate what action Windows should take when the display is closed. You save a lot of energy when you here the option Hibernate select.

If you select an energy saving scheme, the notebook battery lasts longer

Power (2)

Vista and Windows 7 has more features than XP to change the settings. In the Power menu, click Change plan settings. You then get a screen where you can adjust the options for Sleep and the Monitor. The brightness of the screen changes simply via the slider (Windows 7). Do you need more control? Then click Change advanced power settings. At Multimedia settings enable the option when playing back video Optimizing Video Quality (only Windows 7) and adjust the power of the processor. Select in Settings for the Wireless Adapter in Mode energy-saving option Maximum energy savings. You can have Windows 7 on the desktop background settings to choose to turn automatic slideshow of wallpaper once you stop working on the battery.

With some subtle changes unload the battery

faster shutdown

Many institutions are deeply hidden in Windows, but with the useful application Ultimate Windows Tweaker gets them out easily. This program is limited by the file size hardly a burden on the system. You download the latest version here. The program is only available for Vista and Windows 7. Start Ultimate Windows Tweaker and go in the menu for System Performance. By placing the three sliders to the left, your system will switch faster. Indeed, it is not waiting for outstanding services and applications. Check out the other institutions precisely because this tool contains a whopping 150 options to optimize your system.

Shut down as quickly as possible

wireless network

A simple way to extend the battery life is turning off the wireless network when you are not active on the Internet. For example, when watching a movie or listening to music, it is nonsense that your computer is connected to the Internet. Especially if you’re in an area without Wi-Fi, it is pointless to let the network searching for an available connection. is on all modern laptops is a switch button to easily enable or disable this option. This saves your notebook much power.

Use WiFi only if you’re online or are connected to another network

Away with the software

If you purchased a new computer, it usually contains lots of pre-installed software that you do not have requested. Think of trial versions of antivirus packages, Office, and various toolbars. Often it again heavy duty, making them slow down your computer and occupy much space on your hard drive. With PC Decrapifier makes you instantly there to an end. This tool uninstalls namely most unnecessary software. Once you start, you first create a restore point. If something unexpected goes wrong, you always return to the old situation. Place checkmarks for the programs that you would rather lose than rich.

Before PC Decrapifier, you first create a restore point

Ready Boost

You can expand the memory of your Vista or Windows 7 Notebook (temporarily) with a suitable USB stick. This is useful if you want to use a program that requires a lot of system resources. Because installing you do nothing, it works very simply. Check beforehand on the packaging or the Internet or the USB stick can handle with ReadyBoost. Simply stop the flash memory on your computer and select in the screen that appears in My Computer accelerate Windows ReadyBoost. Very handy and moreover slightly cheaper than if you buy a single memory module.

The AutoPlay dialog appears when a USB stick pricking your computer

Vista Battery Saver

Vista has admittedly gorgeous graphics using the Aero interface and Sidebar, but a disadvantage is that it requires quite a lot of power from the processor. The result is that you work on the go even faster on the device. Put through Vista Battery Saver can easily graphics applications so that the battery life. You download the program here. You optionally allows the operating system to a certain percentage of the battery charge automatically turns off the Aero interface. The option Always deactivates on a battery is the most energy efficient option.

From this menu, you can also disable the Sidebar

visual effects

In Vista and Windows 7, you decide how much you visual effects on or off. These include a heavy burden on the system, at the expense of performance and battery life. One possibility is to use no Aero theme. Right-click on the Desktop and choose Personalize. Select another basic theme with fewer graphics here. In Vista, you first navigate to Color and Appearance and then select Vista Basic or Windows Classic. Would you still retain an Aero interface, in which you determine the effects? Go to Start / Control Panel / System and Security / System / Advanced System Settings . Under Performance button settings and remove the check marks off for the visual effects you want to disable.

For best performance, use as little as possible visual effects

Disable Startup Items

Many programs are running in the background of your system without having an eye. Often there are icons of these tools in the System Tray and it is unnecessary that they start automatically with Windows. Applications such as Adobe Reader and QuickTime settle unasked in the System Tray, making your computer slows down. In the search box of the start menu MSConfig (In XP, go to Start / Run ). Go to tab Startup and remove any ticks away that you do not want them to run in the background. Finally, restart the computer.

Do not let unnecessary applications running in the background of the operating system


A good tool to tackle the hard drive should not be missing on your computer. The cleaner the program here is very suitable. To download this free program here. Before you start clearing, it should first read to create a restore point so that you can always return with errors to the old situation. Then click on Clean System, and obsolete and unused files will be deleted. Also use the option Find Junk which removes including temporary and log files.

With cleaner, you can create more space on the hard drive of your computer

Disk Defragmenter plans

Defragmenting your hard drive, it is optimally organized; making the operating system reads the data faster. It is unwise to run Disk Defragmenter on your notebook while working; because there are serious delays can occur. Fortunately, you can in Vista and Windows 7, the timing advance planning, for example in your work break. Go to Start / All Programs / Accessories / System Tools / Disk Defragmenter Click the Set Schedule and specify how often and at what time you want to defragment. In XP perform this operation only manually.

At Regularity choose between daily, weekly or monthly

Less noise

Makes your notebook a lot of noise and it is quick warm? Probably the single cooler must work hard to keep the parts at the right temperature. If it gets too hot, it may even have adverse effects. In order to increase the likelihood of a longer life, use an extra cooler. These are for sale in many forms and variations. Thus, there are handy mats with a retractable cooler that plugs into a USB port. Some also act as a USB hub where you can connect to other devices or provide better posture.

If necessary, use an extra cooler to properly dissipate the heat from your notebook

Energy Report

Windows 7 includes a handy tool to see how you can improve the energy consumption of your notebook and peripherals. Go to Start / All Programs / Accessories. Right-click on Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator. Type the command powering / energy, and press Enter. Your computer is analyzed one minute and then checks the Dutch energy report by an HTML page in a browser. Here you find errors, warnings and informational messages in the fields of energy, so check easily whether it is necessary to take action.

Is the battery of your laptop quickly? Analyze which components were responsible for it

Notebook Hardware Control

It is important to keep a close eye on what the condition is of vital parts of your portable system. A program that helps you do good, Notebook Hardware Control. This provides optimum control and determines how closely the device handles its components. You download the program here. After installation, you will see some icons in the System Tray. To check the remaining battery charge easily and look at the clock. This freeware tool is a very useful helper to determine exactly what kind of state finds your notebook. Very useful is the option that the software will automatically turn off your hard drive and processor too hot these parts.

You also check the temperature of the processor and hard drive

Notebook Hardware Control (2)

Notebook Hardware Control not only provides information about your system, it is also a perfect tool to extend your battery life. If you light tasks on your computer, of course, he does not continue to operate at full capacity. Open the application and navigate to the tab CPU Speed. Choose the plan that ensures optimum performance and a longer battery life. In this screen, you will find several options to adjust the clock speed. Moreover, you directly modify the Windows power plan without having to visit the Control Panel. Please take the other tabs in order to optimize the system, such as Graphic, Hard Disk and Battery.

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