12 pairs of shoes which should be in each male wardrobe


That shoe is never too much – every woman knows. But it turns out that recently, and men are not willing to spend the extra couple of hours to choose a cherished pair. What to choose in the first place – read on.

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Brody – versatile shoes. They can be worn to work, and to explore the city. They harmonious look like with wool and tweed suit, and with jeans or corduroys.

Classic black oxfords

This shoe is perfect for business meetings or simply for a comfortable stay in the office. This is – the classic pair of shoes in the men’s locker room, which does not tolerate the combination with other styles. Wear them out with jeans and a T-shirt is considered bad form.

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Chelsea Boots

Due to the incredible popularity of Chelsea boots few who do not know the last time, what kind of shoes. But if suddenly there are any among our readers, then remember that the main difference from the other models in the absence of the presence of drawstrings and rubber inserts. They both look great with skinny jeans and a bomber, and with the classic trench coat and trousers.

Boots in casual style

In autumn or winter (depending on insulation) without these shoes can not do: they are comfortable, warm, and that is important for men who love outdoor activities, they are not afraid to stain or scratch, so they look even better. A perfect companion for them will be jeans, cargo pants, shirts and sweatshirts in a cage.

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Many people confuse Desert boots with Chuck because of similar design. However, there are only the first of suede on the crepe sole and with two pairs of eyelets, the second – look exactly the same, only the sole shoes themselves can be made of any other material. They have two advantages over other types of shoes: they can be worn all year round (except for frost and rainy days), and yet they are combined with any clothes, but especially good they look with pants tucked.

Double Monkey

With two metal fasteners, such a model of shoes is considered less formal, but nevertheless, they are often worn with gray or dark blue pantsuit. If you want to dress so, choose thick fabrics like corduroy and tweed. But nobody forbids combining them with jeans or chinos trousers.

Penny Loafer

Own Loafer there are at least 5 different models, but this one takes the first place in the “must-have”. Their main difference is that the only decorative element is the leather band with a slot in the form of a rhombus. Alluding to the incredible convenience of this model, often referred to as “street slippers.” As for clothes, then there will suit shorts and shirt, and of course, skinny jeans with a T-shirt.

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Sneakers for training

Footwear for sport should be, above all, the most convenient, and only then, beautiful. Therefore, always follow your feelings when choosing shoes: they do not have to be big as well as small. There is always better to take the exact size. Despite the fact that, apparently, models such as running shoes, it is best to wear to the gym, some dandies manage to create on their basis of interesting casual-look. We recommend that you look for them.


My favorite shoes of John F. Kennedy and Salvador Dali still remains the favorite summer shoes for men. The benefits they are numerous: they are comfortable, lightweight and design options are vast. They cannot be worn with socks if you do not want to look tasteless. But you can and should be shorts and a T-shirt and light trousers and a shirt with short sleeves.

White Leather Shoes

This is when sports shoes are not in the gym. This is – real city shoes of the XXI century, and some men even manage it to put on social events. Wear them with anything, even with the trouser suit.

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Favorite shoe boaters are not necessarily worn only in swimming; it is quite suitable for the land and life. To top insiders acting the same rule as for espadrilles: you can only wear them without socks. But clothing should be more careful: no costumes and similar office sets, only comfortable things such as chinos, jeans, and shorts.

Home sleepers

Decent slippers should not only women but also for any self-respecting man. Get yourself a pair; you can be proud to meet the uninvited guests. What to combine them, you will most likely have guessed or with your favorite pajamas household pants and T-shirt. Visit http://gamesplanet.org/ for more reviews like this on tech and business.

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