11 ingenious ideas to maximize space for your clothes


Your closets overflow, your drawers no longer close. You need more storage space. Here are some economical tricks to optimize your space.

1. Take Height

A smart idea to create new storage spaces is to install a few shelves in height all around the walls of your room.

  • You will exhibit hats, bags, storage boxes and beautiful pairs of shoes.
  • Also, try the deep wall shelf, about 30 to 45 centimeters (12 to 18 inches), to be placed just below the ceiling. It will bring a touch of originality to your layout and relief to the decoration.

2. Fill in your suitcases

No vacation for your luggage. Between two starts, use them to store your winter clothes or your cleaned and ironed blankets, for example.

clothes3. Use space under your bed

Where to find more storage? Look under the bed.

  • Decoration shops offer boxes of all sizes.
  • The dream to store shoes, household linen, accessories, and clothing, permanently at hand.

4. Attach hooks

In the bathroom, bedrooms, and kitchen, there are practical hooks to hang from the back doors.

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5. Opt for multifunction storage

Think about it when you choose your next furniture or storage items. Prefer two solutions in one or three in one.

  • For example, some bathtubs now conceal many drawers in their formwork. Ideal for storing towels and beauty products.

clothes6. Try the coat racks

A classic coat rack can release a whole closet.

  • Do not hesitate to arrange one in the entrance, of course, but also in your room and those of your children.

7. Use your doors

Invest in these storage compartments that are hung on the top of the doors. Equip a closet or storage room.

  • The most elaborate can cover the whole surface, offering a dozen pockets to store scarves, gloves, lingerie and other small business.

8. Optimize your hangers

To save space, invest in the hangers that allow you to hang several clothes.

  • They can also accommodate ties, scarves, belts, etc., to accommodate pants and skirts.

clothes9. Put everything in a box

Storage boxes, made of cardboard, fabric or wood, save space if stacked. They avoid crushing shoes, bags, and accessories.

  • Think of labeling them to find everything in the blink of an eye.

10. Sort your belts

Tired of getting all your belts out to find the right one?

  • Attach large nails or hooks in the door of your cabinet.
  • Store the belts in styles or colors.
  • Finally, if you reserve a belt for an outfit, put both on the same hanger.

clothes11. Shirts: play the alternation

Store your shirts and blouses folded head to toe, either a collar on one side or then another collar on the other.

  • This alternation will allow you to have stacks balanced, less high and more stable.

You have a lot of clothes and accessories but little storage space. In order not to live with drawers and wardrobes that overflow, follow some of these tips.

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