10 top ways to use a garden hose

Is watering the plants the only time you get out your hose? If so, you’re missing some great opportunities. Creative gardeners put hoses old and new to all sorts of uses. Here are a few of our favourites.

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If you are supporting plants with wire, it can cut into the bark or stem and cause problems. If you cut off a small piece of hose and slit it along its length, you can use it to create a buffer between the plant and wire.

Hoses also create a handy buffer to a garage wall. If you’re bad at pulling into the garage, it’s much nicer to scrape against hose than wall.

You can use it in a similar way on a gate post.

Hoses can also be used to protect your hands. Slip a cut length over the teeth of your saws in storage. If you have swings, it can protect little fingers from moving parts.

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Pest Control

Lots of bugs like to hide in small, dark places. Cut lengths of hose and leave them around your garden to encourage pests such as earwigs to take a nap. Empty them out into soapy water to remove the threat to your vegetables.


If you seal the end of the hose and make a few holes, you can make a soaker. Run them around your greenhouse for continuous watering. Look for a reliable silicone hose manufacturer such as goodflexrubber.com.

You can also use a hose to provide an outlet elsewhere in your garden. Bury it to avoid tripping hazards.


Do you need a spirit level? Add some clear tubing to either end of your hose piece, half-fill the hose with coloured water, and there you have it!

Tool Storage

Screw a length of hose to your garage or shed wall and have a convenient resting place for your tools.

Adding grip

Slip a piece of hose over a bucket handle to give it a better grip. You can also do this with multiple carrier bags to prevent them from cutting into your hands.

It’s good to know that when your hose reaches the end of its current life, there are plenty of ways you can reuse it rather than sending it on its way to the landfill. We hope you’ve found these ideas inspirational.

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