10 healthy food choices for your picnic

healthy food

By deciding to dine outdoors in the sun, we often choose convenient and not particularly healthy foods such as chips, fried chicken, and cheese. The following ideas will help you prepare a picnic basket with choices that are more balanced and easy to pack.

1. Choose low-bold options

  • Stuff celery with low-fat white cheese or goat cheese for a delicious entrée.
  • You can also try tortilla-style corn chips with salsa, tzatziki or a low-fat yogurt dip.

healthy food2. Alternative to creamy cabbage salad

Instead of the cabbage and carrot salad flooded with mayonnaise, buy a bag of grated vegetables used to make cabbage salad and carrots that you season lightly with low-fat Italian dressing when eating.

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3. Alternative Seasoning

Prepare an alternative seasoning with low-fat mayonnaise for summer salads.

  • Simply mix equal amounts of Greek mayonnaise and yogurt without fat.

healthy food4. Long live raw vegetables!

Carry raw vegetables for the dips. Vegetable sticks (peppers, cauliflower, carrots, radishes, and cucumber) are delicious with a low-fat dip or salsa.

5. Good health drinks

Instead of soft drinks or fruit juices, bring Seltz water mixed with pure fruit juice, unsweetened fragrant iced tea or bottled water.

  • Freeze bottled water the day before to use as ice bread to keep the food cool.
  • Once ready to eat, you will also have a bottle of ice-cold water ready to drink.

healthy food6. Frozen Mango Cubes

Take frozen mango cubes. They provide a sweet and healthy accompaniment in all your picnics.

  • You can also mix several sachets of frozen fruit in a container. When you eat, you will enjoy a delicious sorbet.

7. Prepare your own salsa

  • Drain a can of 398 ml of diced tomatoes with green chilies and add a handful of fresh coriander leaves, one or two pinches of cumin and salt to suit your tastes.
  • Go to the food processor or mini-chopper and here is a salsa.
  • Serve with baked tortilla chips or add black-eyed beans to make a cold salad perfect for a picnic.

healthy food8. Prepare a sweet potato salad

  • In this excellent variant of the original rich in valuable antioxidants and beta-carotene, peel and cook a few sweet potatoes, then let them cool.
  • Cut them into pieces and mix with enough orange juice to cover them, a pinch of cinnamon and your favorite dried fruits (cranberries are particularly indicated). Serve cold.

9. Pasta Salad

Turn your pasta salad into a main course.

  • Before the picnic, grill skinless chicken breasts, cut into strips and add to the pasta salad.
  • Add fresh broccoli, peppers and tomatoes, pour in a little low-fat seasoning and enjoy an easy-to-prepare, healthy main course.

10. Cut the melons on the spot

Add a watermelon, a cantaloupe melon or a honeydew melon and cut it on the spot. Their natural protection acts effectively to keep the fruit fresh and refreshing.

Do not hesitate to take inspiration from these perfectly healthy picnic ideas for your next outdoor outing.

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